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The human brain has evolved for speaking, but reading is another matter. The demands of modern society and careers require literacy for everyone and reading serves as the basis for most knowledge acquisition.

We offer reading and literacy programs that help develop skills the way the brain learns and in a highly engaging way. Each is supported by research demonstrating the impact of the programs and each can be used at home, in schools, in a clinic or learning center to help accelerate the acquisition of reading skills.

BrainWare SAFARI

BrainWare SAFARI builds the cognitive skills that support reading (as well as math and other curriculum and life skills).  While it does not “teach reading,” students who use BrainWare SAFARI typically see significant growth in reading performance because they have built foundational skills like sustained and selective attention, processing speed, sequential processing and visualization as ell as the executive functions required for reading, including working memory and inhibitory control.  Learn more.

SkateKids / Ramps to Reading

This cognitively based supplemental reading program is based on the work of Dr. Jack Naglieri and the PASS theory of intelligence. PASS emphasizes the importance of Planning, Attention, Simultaneous Processing and Sequential Processing. It is unique in the way that it builds those cognitive processes along with reading skills such as phonics and comprehension. In this program, users actually develop the cognitive processes most essential for reading comprehension. This program is currently not available as it is being redeveloped from the original Flash version.  Please check back.


This comprehensive language arts program is fully gamified and shown to accelerate the acquisition of literacy skills. From phonics to spelling to grammar to reading and writing, and from beginning readers into high school, the program contains thousands of exercises to build literacy skills quickly and enjoyably. Students love the game format and the ability to practice the same materials with dozens of different games, keeping the learning experience fresh.

Students have difficulties with reading comprehension for a variety of reasons.  A good reader has developed their skills in decoding words at the automatic level, freeing up working memory to focus on text rather than sound words out. Literacy Planet helps students develop decoding skills at the automatic level and fluency with practice on both short and long texts.  The development of strong comprehension skills is supported by practice identifying main ideas, drawing inferences and developing insights into an author’s purpose.  LiteracyPlanet has been shown to improve both reading fluency and comprehension compared to standard instruction.

The program makes it easy to differentiate and personalize for different students. Learn more

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