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Cognitive Training 

BrainWare® SAFARI is award-winning software that incorporates decades of multidisciplinary clinical techniques into an engaging video-game format to develop 41 cognitive skills in the areas of attention, memory, visual and auditory processing, sensory integration and reasoning/logic. For ages 6 to 106.

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Cognitive Assessment

The Mindprint cognitive assessment is a one-hour scientifically valid cognitive battery that identifies an individual’s cognitive strength and weakness and provides a unique learning profile. Areas tested include executive functions, processing speed and abstract reasoning. For ages 8 to 21.

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Reading Comprehension

SkateKids™ and Ramps To Reading™ are online digital game-based supplemental reading programs built to stimulate the cognitive processes necessary for learning to read while students build critical literacy skills, with a unique focus on reading comprehension. For ages 4 to 12.

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Learning About the Brain

Brains On™ Professional Development programs use a neuroscience-based, brain-compatible approach to help teachers and trainers learn and use brain-compatible practices to foster deeper and more enduring learning. Workshops, webinars and online courses explore topics related to the brain and learning for parents, clinicians, educators and others.

Experience engaging, evidence-based cognitive development

Supported by a knowledgeable and caring team

  • Our Vision

    We envision a world where every child and every adult has the ability to succeed academically and in life because they have developed the cognitive capacity to do so. We aim to foster the lifelong development of the capacity of each human mind. We want to enable individuals at any age to grow and change and learn because the learning experiences they encounter are meaningful and full of joy.

  • What We Believe

    We believe that it takes the contributions of multiple disciplines to provide the resources needed to accomplish this vision.  We see the potential for neuroscience, education, and a variety of clinical practices to be integrated into powerful, flexible, and practical tools to improve learning.

  • How We Work

    We work hard to live up to our standards of doing what we say and saying what we do. We continue to build the body of research on our products and approach each conversation with thoughtful consideration of the unique needs of each person we engage with.

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