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Cognitive Skills 102

In Cognitive Skills 102, we explore inhibitory control, visualization and processing speed and the role in of these cognitive skills in reading, math and social and emotional learning.

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Cognitive Literacy

What Is Cognitive Literacy?

Cognitive literacy means that students can learn and have the skills in attention, memory, perceptual processing, core and higher-order executive functions that prepare them for careers we can't yet envision.

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Please Take My Crutches

A 17-year-old high-school student recently walked into a high-stakes test without the accommodations that he had received for years. This was not an arbitrary administrative decision; it was his choice.

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Executive Functions & Poverty

This article concludes that educators can have a meaningful impact on closing the achievement gap for low-SES students addressing the development of cognitive skills generally, and executive functions in particular.

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National Doughnut Day

Donuts and Dougnuts

We created this Word Search Puzzle in honor of National Doughnut Day. Enjoy a doughnut or a donut and this Word Search.

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Personalized Learning Plan

Creating a Personalized Learning Plan

Betsy Hill, president of BrainWare Learning Company, and Nancy Weinstein, CEO of Mindprint Learning, review how to create personalized learning plans for students, based on their Unique Learning Profile.

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Novelty and Learning

How Novelty Boosts Learning

Recent research shows that novelty gets the brain's dopamine system working which accelerates learning. Let's all get our students learning faster by giving them something new today!

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