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Urey Middle School Falcons

Implementation of Online Cognitive Assessment and Training with Middle School Students Performing Below Academic Standards

Middle-school students demonstrated average improvement of 20 percentile points across cognitive skills following use of BrainWare SAFARI.

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Asian Journal of Medical Sciences

Cognitive skills improved by BrainWare SAFARI training program: Electroencephalographic study

Research in Thailand with 8-12-year-old children showed improvement in cognitive performance following use of BrainWare SAFARI.

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Asian Journal of Medical Sciences

Electroencephalographic changes as neuroscience-based cognitive skill training program

Research in Thailand with students with specific learning disabilities showed a positive impact of cogntiive training with BrainWare SAFARI using EEG.

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Big Shoulders Fund

BrainWare Implementation and Impact Report – Big Shoulders Fund

Significant growth on ACT Inspire assessments was noted for students in school supported by the Big Shoulders Foundation who used BrainWare SAFARI most consistently with the recommended frequency and intensity.

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Riverside Elementary School

Implementation of Computer-Based Cognitive Training with Elementary Students Lagging in Academic Performance

A majority of students experienced substantial growth in multiple cognitive skills and all students saw growth in at least some areas. Average cognitive growth was 21 percentile points.

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Reading Score Growth

Impact of Computer-Based Cognitive Training on Elementary Students’ Reading Skills

Students gained 4.5 reading levels on average and improved on academic fluency tests by one-half to 4 grade equivalents over 12 weeks following cognitive training with BrainWare SAFARI.

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Adult Basic Education

Case Study of BrainWare SAFARI in Adult Basic Education

This case study describes the experience of a client at Impact Institute in Fort Wayne, IN, who used BrainWare SAFARI within her Adult Basic Education program. “Janet” experienced improvements across the board in her cognitive skills, based on her self-completed cognitive rating scale.

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Pierceton Woods Academy

Cognitive Skills Training at Pierceton Woods Academy

Students at Pierceton Woods were able to complete the targeted number of sessions of BrainWare SAFARI within the eight-week term. The six students who completed a sufficient number of sessions in BrainWare SAFARI experienced significant improvements in multiple areas of cognitive processing

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Ivy Tech Community College

Cognitive Skills Training in an Introductory College Course

BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills development software was incorporated into a 3-credit-hour Student Success course at Ivy Tech Community College. Increases in IQ were seen for the students who completed the Student Success Course that incorporated BrainWare also completed a sufficient number of sessions and levels in BrainWare SAFARI.

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Maywood Elementary, Hammond, IN

BrainWare SAFARI in Before/After School Programs with Low Performing Readers

BrainWare SAFARI was implemented in before and after school programs in elementary schools in Hammond, IN, with students selected by their teachers because of low reading ability. The average pre-test score on the Verbal Reasoning subtest of the CogAT for these students was markedly low, at the 35th percentile, consistent with student selection criteria (low reading performance). On post-test, the average score on Verbal Reasoning increased to the 48th percentile.

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3rd Grade Cognitive Growth

Impact of Cognitive Skills Development in Grade 3 on Cognitive and Academic Measures

The Grade 3 students in an economically disadvantaged district who used BrainWare SAFARI experienced significant cognitive growth compared to those who did not. After using BrainWare SAFARI, 50% of the students scored at the 70th percentile or above on the composite score of the CCAT, compared to 33% scoring at that level on the pre-test.

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Specific Learning Disability

Effect of Neuroscience-Based Cognitive Skill Training on Growth of Cognitive Deficits Associated with Learning Disabilities in Children Grade 2-4

Students in the study who used BrainWare SAFARI for 12 weeks improved their cognitive functioning by 2.8 years, compared to 2 months for the control group. This improvement raised the students’ overall cognitive proficiency level from 64% to 89% where 90% is the expected performance for a normally developing student. Students in the control group improved just one percentage point, from 63% to 64% proficiency. Students in the treatment group improved their reading and math scores by 0.8 and 1.0 grade equivalent respectively over the 12 weeks.

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Response to Intervention

Effectiveness of RTI Reading and Math Interventions Increase with the Addition of BrainWare SAFARI

The majority of students who used BrainWare SAFARI and were provided with a reading intervention received a Rate of Improvement (ROI) score greater than the expected ROI on AIMSweb, as did the students who used BrainWare SAFARI and a math intervention.

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Tavan Elementary School

BrainWare SAFARI and Special Education Students at Tavan Elementary

Students who were tested before and after their use of BrainWare SAFARI all improved their cognitive ability over the course of their use of the program. Three of the four achieved cognitive increases which resulted in them performing above the level that would be considered normally developing for their age.

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Reading and Math Gains at Bailly Academy

BrainWare SAFARI Pilot at Bailly Academy

The students’ improved level of cognitive functioning resulted in greater gains in academic scores, especially for students performing below grade-level, as well as increased percentages of students improving their performance, following their use of BrainWare SAFARI.

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St. Andrew's Scots School

Benefit of BrainWare SAFARI at a Leading Private School in Argentina

Students who received BrainWare SAFARI improved their performance to a greater degree on all areas of the Diagnostic Achievement Battery (DAB-3) in their second language, English.

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Nativity Catholic School

Strengthening Cognitive Processes in Students with Resource Plans

At Nativity Catholic School in Brandon, FL, students receiving resource support used BrainWare SAFARI. The two cohorts improved substantially on a set of cognitive subtests, consistent with students in prior studies.

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Oakwood School

Increases in Academic Ability in Students with Learning Differences

This study involved students with learning differences. After completing BrainWare SAFARI, the students increased their Academic Ability 1 year 9 months on average in the year between the tests.

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Fillmore Unified School District

Improvement in California State Test Scores Following Cognitive Skills Training

3rd Grade students in the Fillmore Unified School District who used BrainWare SAFARI performed better than a control group on the California state standardized tests.

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Fillmore Unified School District

Special Needs Students Benefit from Use of BrainWare SAFARI

3rd grade students, identified as special needs, in the Fillmore Unified School District, as part of a larger study, experienced substantial gains in performance on the OLSAT and California State Tests.

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Millville School District

Cognitive Skills Development Helps Close the Gap for Students Performing Below Grade Level

Students who performed below grade level the prior year experienced significant gains following their use of BrainWare SAFARI and average performance narrowed or closed the gap. For students with IEPs, the 3rd-grade students more than doubled their WPM gains and significantly narrowed the gap.

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Academic and World Education Resource

BrainWare SAFARI Shown to Impact Students in Iran with Reading Problems

Researchers in Iran working with dyslexic students showed increases in memory and attention in students diagnosed with reading difficulties following the use of BrainWare. The experimental group showed training effects on non-trained tests as well as transfer effect to visual-auditory sustained attention, visual auditory vigilance/speed, and hyperactivity after training.

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Maywood Elementary School

Cognitive Gains in an Afterschool Program Using BrainWare SAFARI

Students experienced an average increase of 12 percentile points on the composite CogAT scores using BrainWare SAFARI in an afterschool program in Hammond, IN. Increases on all of the CogAT subtests as well as the composite score were consistent with increases seen in previous research.

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Perez Elementary School

Evaluation of BrainWare SAFARI Using Academic Growth Measures in a Chicago Public School

There was a significant improvement for 2nd- and 3rd-grade students compared to a control group in a Chicago Public School following use of BrainWare SAFARI.

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Big Shoulders Fund

Cognitive Training in a New Hires Program at a Multi-National Corporation

Participants in a New Hires training program for console operators in an oil refinery, used BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills development with intensive job content training. Members of cohorts who used the program experienced a greater success rate in meeting all of the requirements for continued employment.

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Circle of Independent Learners Charter School

BrainWare SAFARI in a School-Based Homeschool Program

Students in a school-based homeschool program experienced significant improvement in their cognitive functioning across all of the areas assessed (Memory, Perceptual Processing, Thinking and Attention). The behavioral trait noted as improving for the most number of students was “Works Independently,” a trait particularly valued at the school.

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Pop John Paul II Cognitive Gains

BrainWare SAFARI as Part of the 3rd Grade Curriculum

When BrainWare SAFARI was incorporated into the 3rd-grade curriculum, students experienced an average increase on the CogAT 14 percentile points on their composite scores. The magnitude of increase was generally consistent with previous research students (substantially better in the quantitative subtest).

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Bilingual Education

The Impact of Cognitive Skills Training on Reading Scores in a Bilingual Program

100% of the 8th and 9th-grade students improved their SRI scores in the third trimester, following their cognitive training experience with BrainWare SAFARI.

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Title I School

Pilot of BrainWare SAFARI with Students in a Title I School

Students in a Title I school in Topeka, KS improved their performance on select cognitive tests by an average of 1 year 10 months, consistent with results from previous research on these three specific tests, following use of BrainWare SAFARI. On a second post-test, following 6 months of non-use of the program, the students’ cognitive development was maintained or continued to improve, yielding average total growth of 3 years and 2 months over the school year.

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Horry County Schools

Broad-Based Improvement of Cognitive Ability

More students qualified for the gifted program following their use of BrainWare SAFARI. The distribution of percentile rankings shifted markedly with significantly fewer students scoring in the lowest percentiles and many more performing at higher percentile rankings.

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Glenwood Academy

Impact of BrainWare SAFARI Use on Cognitive and Academic Measures in Grades 2-8

All students at Glenwood Academy, a residential program for 2nd- through 8th-grade students from impoverished backgrounds with troubled family situations, used BrainWare SAFARI. Average improvement from the pre-test to the post-test, following 10 weeks of BrainWare SAFARI use, ranged from 0.5 grade equivalents (GE) in 2nd grade to 2.9 GE in 8th grade. Average improvement on the cognitive tests ranged from 1.5 GE in 2nd grade to a high of 3.0 GE in 7th grade. The results showed a clear relationship between the improvement in underlying attention, memory and other cognitive processes and performance on academic tests.

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Fourth Graders

Fourth Graders’ Views of Video Games and BrainWare SAFARI

The 4th-grade students who participated in the study overwhelmingly indicated that they enjoyed the experience of using BrainWare SAFARI and felt that the program had helped them develop new or stronger skills.

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Harbor Beach Curtis Boehmer

BrainWare SAFARI at Harbor Beach Community Schools

Students ranging from 7 to 16 in a rural school district used BrainWare SAFARI and averaged gains of 3 years 1 month, on cognitive tests. Each student exhibited improvement in their intellectual ability on the test. Teachers observed significant improvements in academic performance.

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More Students Qualify for Gifted Program

Students Qualifying for a Gifted Program

In a school in which no students had qualified for the gifted program the prior year, 2 students qualified based on CogAT scores and 5 students qualified based on a combination of CogAT scores and academic performance.

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Case Study – Two Special Needs Students

Following their use of BrainWare SAFARI, the two subjects improved their performance on cognitive tests by 5 years 4 months and 2 years 2 months respectively. Their parents reported positive changes in attention, tolerance for frustration, pace of work and self-confidence.

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Children Reading

Impact of BrainWare SAFARI on Progress in Reading

The 4th-grade girls class was the only one in the school that exceeded their DIBELS benchmark score at the end of the school year. The rate of progress accelerated during the second half of the year when they were using BrainWare SAFARI, moving from 9 WPM above benchmark to 26 WPM above benchmark. The teacher observed behavioral improvements in the students, particularly in making fewer careless errors, memory, grasping new concepts and communication with parents, peers and teachers, following use of the program.

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Case Study – Family with ADD/ADHD

This is a case study of a family with three boys diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Improvements in attention and other cognitive skills were noted following use of BrainWare SAFARI

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BrainWare SAFARI with Students with Autism Spectrum Diagnoses

Improvements noted in perceptual processing, sensorimotor function, attention, thinking (logic and reasoning), and life management skills.

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Boy in School

BrainWare SAFARI in a Special Needs School

Students with low IQ improved their cognitive skills by 9 months on average over the school year while they used BrainWare SAFARI, a greater improvement than typically experienced by this type of student receiving other interventions.

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BrainWare SAFARI Cognitive Training Software

A Study of the Effectiveness of Cognitive Skill Development in a Video-Game Format

In peer-reviewed, published research, children who used BrainWare SAFARI ror 12 weeks showed an average of 4 years 3 months improvement on cognitive tests.

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Edgar Evens Students Cognitive Growth

BrainWare SAFARI Benefits 4th and 5th Grade Boys At Risk

The study involved 4th and 5th grade boys with a history of behavior problems in school. BrainWare SAFARI was used within the curriculum by the two teachers. The students had an average chronological age of 11 at the time of the pre-test but tested at an intellectual age of 8 years 2 months.

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Xilin Community Center Cognitive Growth

Cognitive Improvements for Chinese ELL Students

Students studying English at a Chinese community center used BrainWare SAFARI. On average they experienced 3 years 6 months cognitive improvement over the 11 weeks of the study, and 2 years 4 months improvement on the achievement tests. As in other studies, each student improved his or her performance on the tests.

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