Like physical exercise, cognitive exercise is for everyone. Our cognitive training solutions are all built around BrainWare SAFARI cognitive training software. BrainWare SAFARI is the most researched, comprehensive, ntegrated cognitive training software program delivered online in the world.

BrainWare SAFARI

1. Develops 43 cognitive skills that are necessary for learning, including the foundational cognitive skills that our brains use to take in, store, understand, categorize and retrieve information. It also works on core executive functions — working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility — as well as higher order executive functions such as planning, critical thinking, reasoning and logic.

2. Is based on over 4 decades of multidisciplinary clinical collaboration. The program embodies the therapeutic techniques of vision development, speech and auditory therapy, and work of psychologist, neurologists and other learning specialists. The set of exercises they developed has been incorporated in an engaging video-game platform.

3. Is supported by published peer-reviewed research as well as numerous field studies. Significant improvements in cognitive skills have been achieved with children with a range of abilities, from very challenged to high-performing (gifted), and with college-age and older adults. Research Studies

4. Can be used in a variety of settings, including clinics and learning centers, schools, the workplace or at home. Programs to support the use of the program at home for both kids and adults have been specifically designed to deliver the same kinds of outcomes that have been achieved in professional and educational settings.

The cognitive training programs that incorporate BrainWare SAFARI and other programs help ensure meaningful and measurable outcomes by delivering on the critical success factors for effective cognitive training, adapted and refined for the way they are implemented in real life, whether the classroom, a learning center, or at home.

Explore the options that are right for you:

1. Cognitive Training at Home
2. Cognitive Training in a Clinic or Learning Center
3. Cognitive Training in Schools and Post-Secondary
4. Cognitive Training in the Workplace

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