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Cognitive Skill Development

20 exercises
41 cognitive skills
168 challenging levels
Thousands of algorithms

8 basic principles: the neuroscientific ingredients in the recipe that is BrainWare SAFARI…

Engagement (fun) is vital



Cognitive skill are integrated

importance of the visual system

THE NEED FOR challenge

The importance of frequency and intensity


Your Focus

BrainWare SAFARI is powerful and versatile.
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Cognitive skills are the building blocks for learning.  Give your child the advantage of a lifetime.
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A powerful tool that’s easy to implement, evidence-based and supported by peer-reviewed published research and field studies.
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A flexible tool for in-home and office use that integrates multidisciplinary clinical techniques.
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A turbocharger for the cognitive capacity of employees, from entry-level trainees to senior managers.
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Like a tune-up for your brain; make sure you’re operating on all cylinders to have the best chance at success.
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More than brain teasers and puzzles… work your cognitive skills comprehensively to build a cognitive reserve and strengthen mental functioning.
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