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Our innovative Cognitive Literacy Solutions help our clients understand how they learn and improve their cognitive capacity, through the practical application of neuroscience. We focus on foundational cognitive skills, executive functions, and the keys to literacy, that enhance performance in school, the workplace and life.

Cognitive Literacy means that an individual has developed the cognitive foundation for learning, that they have developed the cognitive processes such as attention, memory, perceptual processing, executive functions and others that are integral to learning to the point that learning experiences are productive, enjoyable and a source of satisfaction.

Cognitive Skills
are the Foundation for Learning



Cognitive Training

Our cognitive training solutions are built on BrainWare SAFARI cognitive training software. BrainWare SAFARI is the world's most researched, comprehensive, integrated cognitive training software program delivered online. It develops 43 cognitive skills using techniques derived from decades of multidisciplinary clinical collaboration and built into an engaging video-game format.

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Cognitive Assessment

Our cognitive assessment solutions help our clients to understand an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses and the impact of their cognitive capacity on performance, whether academic, in the workplace or in life. The assessment results are translated into truly personalized learning strategies and used to measure improvements in an individual’s learning capacity from cognitive training.

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Literacy Engagement

Our literacy engagement solutions focus on developing an individual's cognitive capacity to perform the skills that are essential for reading and specifically address how to improve comprehension. The demands of modern society and careers require literacy for everyone and reading serves as the basis for most knowledge acquisition. We offer reading and literacy programs that help develop skills the way the brain learns and in a highly engaging way.

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Professional Development

Teachers and administrators are increasingly determined to apply knowledge about the brain to create classrooms and lessons that are brain-friendly and more effective. But often the available information about brain research is esoteric and difficult to apply. Our training programs help translate the research into practice, helping teachers and trainers understand how each student learns and differentiate instruction based on data about how they learn.

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There are many factors or conditions that affect or reflect the development of cognitive skills.  These include:

Autism (ASD)
Specific Learning Disability
Nonverbal Learning Disability
Visual Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Speech and Language Disorders
Intellectual Disability
Traumatic Brain Injury
Other General Health and Mental Health Issues

It is important to understand that each of these factors or conditions usually involves multiple cognitive processes. And some cognitive processes are relevant in many different conditions. Working memory is a good example of such a cognitive process.

Not only do these conditions involve multiple cognitive processes, cognitive functioning is also a matter of how well integrated all of these cognitive processes are, how smoothly and efficiently they all work together.

Thus, our cognitive literacy solutions help many people with ADHD, Autism, Specific Learning Disabilities, Visual Processing Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disability and the other conditions on the list. Our solutions address and help strengthen the cognitive processes and integrated functioning of skills that often play a role in these conditions.  Our cognitive assessment, cognitive training and literacy solutions are not “treatments” for a disease or condition. They are ways to better understand how an individual learns, to help them become a capable, confident learner, and to help them translate stronger learning skills to academics, the workplace and everyday life.

Note that cognitive training programs are also sometimes called brain training programs.  We prefer the term “cognitive training” because we can readily relate it to improvements in cognitive processes that have been identified as playing important roles in learning.

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