The BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scales were developed by clinicians as a way to help gauge an individual’s cognitive development. Behaviors that are indicative of cognitive development and that can be readily observed were selected for the rating scales.  The evaluator is asked to rate the degree to which the individual demonstrates each skill compared to other individuals the same age.

These are developmental rating scales and recognize that individuals develop unevenly across different cognitive skills  and may be more or less proficient at various skills than their peers at any given point in time. 

There are two cognitive scales for young children (ages 6-8 and ages 9-12), looking at the behaviors that represent early learning skills, and one for older children and adults (ages 13+).

Select the appropriate rating scale below. Once you complete the rating scale and click SUBMIT, you will receive the results via email. If you plan to use this rating scale before and after cognitive training or another intervention, make sure that the same person does the evaluation both times.


BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scale (Ages 6-8)

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BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scale (Ages 9-12)

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BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scale (Ages 13+)

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These rating scales can be used to identify areas of cognitive processing that are weaker or stronger than average.  if an individual has several skills that are rated as below average, particularly within an area of cognitive processing, it is an indication that that individual may require strategic supports in school, work or everyday activities and/or that they may benefit from cognitive training to strengthen those skills.  If an individual has skills rated as above average, there is an opportunity to help nurture those skills, through personalized strategies and engaging in activities that extend and integrate those skills.

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