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Product Studied BrainWare SAFARI
Subjects 8 ninth and tenth-grade students at Pierceton Woods Academy, Pierceton, IN.
Usage BrainWare was used 5 sessions per week, 30 minutes per session, 8 weeks
Assessment Mindprint Cognitive Assessment
Pierceton Woods Academy


Students at Pierceton Woods were able to complete the targeted number of sessions of BrainWare SAFARI within the eight-week term. The six students who completed a sufficient number of sessions in BrainWare SAFARI experienced significant improvements in multiple areas of cognitive processing. Five of the six students exhibited very low Attention skills on the pre-test. Three of them improved their Attention Skills to a very significant degree (from the bottom 5% of the general population to the middle of the normal/expected range). Improvements in Working Memory, a skill highly correlated with overall academic performance, problem-solving, decision-making and life success, were achieved by five of the six students.

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