Product Studied BrainWare SAFARI
Subjects 20 Students, Ages 6 to 12
Usage 3 to 5 times a week, 30-45 minutes, 12 weeks
Assessment EEG using NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile, Spatial Ability Test
Asian Journal of Medical Sciences


Recording of electroencephalographic (EEG) activity and cogntiive skills testing was performed before the students participated in cognitive training with BrainWare SAFARI and after the 12 weeks of training.  The students' scores for attention (focus) and meditations (relaxation or lack of stress) both increased significantly.  A combined measure of cognitive performance also increased signficantly.  Average performance on the cogntiive tests also improved significantly in multiple areas of cognitive processing.  Brain wave activity increaased significantly for Theta Waves (4-7 Hz) and Alpha Waves (8-12 Hz) and Beta Waves (13-28 Hz).  Alpha waves are associated with a relaxed, wakeful state.  Theta waves are associated with daydreaming and mental relaxation or flow. Beta waves area ssociated with conscious thought and logical thinking.

Sittiprapaporn, P., Cognitive skills improved by BrainWare SAFARI training program: Electroencephalographic study, Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, Jan-Feb 2020, Vol 11, Issue 1

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