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  1. BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scale.  We encourage you to complete this rating scale before our call — it will make our discussion even more specific and helpful!
  2. Cognitive Skills: The Foundation for Learning.
  3. Facebook Group:  Parents of Struggling Learners

Why It Is Important for Both Parents to Be on the Discovery Call



“My daughter was coached through BrainWare SAFARI this past fall. Her coach was amazing and was very patient and good at encouraging her. Her memory is much better now and she has acquired several skills that will be useful not just in school work, but also in daily living (even in making Nintendo games easier for her). We found BrainWare SAFARI to be a valuable resource for helping with challenges that having dyslexia has manifested. Thank-you so much for the opportunity for her to do that.”  Jeanne M., Mother (Faith, Age 13)

“I am very pleased with BrainWare Learning Company! They have amazing founders who truly want to help our children succeed in whichever education system our kids participate. I have two kids who are benefiting from their program. The coach that is working with them is very kind and patient, and also expects hard work, focus, accountability and responsibility. She does an amazing job with my children and after working with them for 4 weeks, I have seen dramatic improvements in their focus, desire to learn, self-start homework and school work, problem solve, and I have seen their confidence in their ability to research, learn, and apply, grow!!” Renae T., Mother (Michael, Age 14, Allison, Age 17)

“BrainWare SAFARI is a miracle. I would have paid anything for it, now that I have seen what it can do to help my son grow his brain right before my eyes. I am confident that it will transform his academic failure into brilliant success.” Chana F.

“It’s been a phenomenal experience to watch both children go through BrainWare SAFARI, especially Brianna. Brianna was having some challenges in school, and after she completed BrainWare SAFARI, she made the honor roll, which has been exciting and a very proud moment for me as a father.  Patrick Tharp, Father (Briana, Age 8, Angela, Age 10)

“Whereas before Philip would come home and want to do other things because homework was too hard or would take too long. Now he comes home and does it. And the best part is his grades have improved.” Mary H.

“I’ve gotten better at listening. I used to misunderstand stuff because I didn’t read the instructions and got right to work, but BrainWare taught me to slow down and double-check my work.” Drew D. (Age 10)

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