BrainWare SAFARI Cognitive Rating Scale

The BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scale is designed to help get a sense for the level of cognitive skills development of a child or adult who will be using BrainWare SAFARI.  The Rating Scale can be used before and after use of BrainWare in order to identify areas of greatest growth.

There are three different rating scales, for different aged individuals.  Also, please select the BEFORE version to evaluate the individual before using BrainWare, and the AFTER version following use of the program according to the protocol you are following.  The standard protocol for using the program is 3 to 5 times per week, 30 to 60 minutes per session, for 10-14 weeks.  The same person(s) should evaluate the individual BEFORE and AFTER, since this type of rating is inherently subjective.

After you complete the evaluation, you will be presented with a report.  Please print this report and keep it for your records so that you can compare the scores on the BEFORE and AFTER evaluations.

Child 6-8

Child 9-12


Please note that these rating scales have not been clinically validated, nor will they provide a normed comparison of you/your child to others.  They are merely intended to provide an indication of the level of cognitive development of the individual at different times, based on readily observable behaviors.

If you would prefer to use a full nationally normed, scientifically validated assessment to evaluate improvement in cognitive functioning, you may wish to consider the Mindprint Learning cognitive assessment.