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Stop Running Against the Wind

  Stop Running Against the Wind: Make Learning More Effective and More Efficient June 18, 2019, 11:00 A.M. Central Time Register Most of us make learning harder than it needs to

The Cognitive Impact of Poverty: Implications for Teaching   Numerous studies have shown the impact of poverty on the brain. Individuals who grow up in impoverished environments generally have less developed cognitive

Cognitive Literacy Solutions Demos

  BrainWare SAFARI -- Brain-Building at Its Best BrainWare SAFARI is the most researched, comprehensive, integrated online cognitive training tool in the world. But what does that look

Engage Students in a Literacy Adventure LiteracyPlanet brings together curriculum-aligned literacy education and the latest digital technology. Whether for early reading skills or

You Don’t Have to Be Dyslexic to Have Trouble Learning to Read English All but seven states now require teachers to be trained on recognizing and supporting students with dyslexia. In one way, that makes sense. Early identification and

A Practical Approach to Personalized Learning

Personalizing learning can feel overwhelming even for the most effective teachers. In this webinar, we share how to flip the traditional approach to make it manageable and effective for every

Case Study of a School Turnaround

In 2012-13, half of the students at St. Paul City School were reading two or more years behind grade level. Three years later, 60% of the students were reading at or above grade level. And all of

The Science of Performance in Sports: Training the Mind

For decades, every sport, every athletic organization, and every sports executive has looked for its next superstar to elevate their performance. The world gravitates to sports superstars. And having

Problem-Solving in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Whether you call it RtI, MTSS or something else, the underlying principle is the same. It’s all about problem-solving – about getting to the root of the problem, and finding a solution designed

Measuring and Developing Executive Functions

Executive Functions are a class of cognitive skills that constitute the directive capacities of our minds. They are essential for learning and for social and emotional intelligence. They are