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Time for Some Summer Webinar Binge Watching?

Time for Some Summer Webinar Binge Watching?

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Summer is a great time to catch up on webinars that you might have missed (and get some professional development credit along the way).  Here are some of our most popular webinars.

Neuroscience & Learning
STEM & SEL: A Perfect Match
Facts and Myths About the Brain: Can You Tell Them Apart?
What Is Learning?
Developing Critical Thinking Skills
Fostering a Growth Mindset in Your Students and Yourself

Cognitive Skills
Cognitive Skills 101
Cognitive and Differentiation
Cognitive Skills Training for Students with Learning Disabilities
Remediating Working Memory and Executive Functions in SLD
The Cognitive Impact of Poverty and What Educators Can Do
Cognitive Skills and Second (or Other) Language Acquisition
Cognitive Skills and Gifted Students

Brain-Compatible Teaching
Interview with Dr. Patricia Wolfe (Brain Matters)
Brain-Friendly Classroom Practices
More Brain-Friendly Classroom Practices
Practice Advice for Brain-Compatible Teaching
Three Brain-Compatible Strategies That Transform Behavior and Academi Results
What Brain-Compatible Teaching Feels Like

You can find the archive of all of our webinars at

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