The Impact of Cognitive Skills Training on Reading Scores in a Bilingual Program

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Product Studied:          BrainWare SAFARI

Subjects      39 students in 6th through 9th grades in the All -day Program for Low English Proficiency students, School City of Hammond, Hammond, IN
Usage 5 sessions per week, 45 minutes per session, the last 8 weeks of school
Assessment Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), Teacher Surveys

Summary of Findings:  Teachers noted improvement for their classes on all of the 14 behaviors in the survey, with Attention Span and Focus being the strongest area of improvement with three of four teachers saying that their classes Improved a Lot in that area.  The percentage of students improving their performance over the trimester improved from the second to the third trimester, when they used BrainWare and the trend in score growth also improved.  Notably, 100% of the 8th and 9th-grade students improved their SRI scores in the third trimester, following their cognitive training experience with BrainWare.

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