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BrainWare SAFARI Case Studies: School Resource Setting

In this webinar, we will share the story of three successful BrainWare SAFARI implementations that focus on the use of the program in a resource setting,.

Brainy Reading Suggestions

There are so many books about the brain ... from simple books for children to dense academic works intended for researchers. Here are some of our favorites -- for adults, for teachers specifically, and for kids.

Developing 21st Century Minds after School

This webinar will explore practical and effective approaches that give students experiences that are different from what happens during the school day and that can drive better academic results without teaching to the test.

Cognitive Skills and English Language Learners

Today, more school districts than ever are challenged to educate children who speak little or no English when they enter the school system. This brief addresses the demands on certain cognitive skills that are relatively greater during the early stages of learning a new language, including working memory, sequential memory, and auditory memory skills and how these skills may be enhanced.

BrainWare SAFARI Pilot at Bailly Academy

In this study at a school in Gary, IN, teachers observed improvements in behaviors indicative of cognitive development, such as attention and focus, and ability to recall information for tests, following use of BrainWare SAFARI. The students’ improved level of cognitive functioning began to impact their academic performance, driving greater gains in academic scores, especially for students performing below grade-level, as well as increased percentages of students improving their performance.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Helping Students with Sensory Issues

Disruptive behavior at home and in school can seem like "misbehavior," plain and simple, but is often attributable to underlying neurodevelopmental issues.

Executive Functions and Reading Comprehension

This webinar examines the role of executive functions in reading -- in decoding, fluency, and most importantly, comprehension.

Cognitive Skills and Biology, History and Literature

This webinar will take attendees beyond the elementary classroom and the priorities of reading and math to more complex, higher-order thinking required for successful performance in academic subjects at the middle and high-school level. Our guest presenter for this webinar is Stacy Harris.

An Interview with Superintendent Ron Kraft

Ron Kraft is intensely focused on student achievement and led the Harbor Beach MI schools to be one of the highest performing districts in the state.

An Effective Neuroscience Intervention for Title I Students

This paper discusses the impact of poverty on the development of cognitive capacity and the evidence that students from low-SES families on average come to school with less capacity to learn and to be successful in school and in life. But, the story doesn’t end there...