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Cognitive Skills and Gifted Students

Giftedness, like most other labels in education, can become rather complex when we look below the surface. Only recently has neuroscience begun to take a look at giftedness and the research may already be calling into question some of the conventional wisdom on the criteria for “gifted and talented” and how to support gifted students, including those who also have learning disabilities (twice exceptional).

Cognitive Skills for English Language Learners (ELL)

This webinar will take a new look at English Language Learners (ELL, ESL, EL), review some recent research on the brain and language acquisition, and provide a case study on the use of a cognitive skills .

Does This Really Work?

This report, published in Learning and Leading with Technology, by the International Society for Technology in Education, discusses why some technology implementations are more successful than others. It explains how technology implementation can borrow from the scientific method to improve implementation effectiveness and incorporates principles from the Software and Information Industry Association SIIA’s Software Implementation Toolkit for Educators.