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Supporting Diverse Learners in Literacy

Supporting Diverse Learners in Literacy

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

11:00 AM Central


Helping students develop literacy skills is challenging when they bring a diversity of cognitive capacity to the classroom. How can teachers support students whose literacy struggles are related to such diverse skills as working memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, verbal memory, verbal reasoning, visualization, sequencing and other cognitive processes. In this presentation, we will address the assessment of underlying causes of literacy struggles and the identification of personalized strategies to support them in the literacy classroom. We will discuss the concept of cognitive load and neuroscience-based approaches to strengthening students’ capacity for cognitive load as well as strategies to lighten cognitive load in the process of learning to read.

Participants will be able to experience a cognitive assessment and relate the skills assessed to reading, Specific strategies and tools that support the development of decoding, fluency and comprehension from a cognitive perspective will be shared.


A certificate of participation is available for professional development purposes.





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