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Some Ways to Be More Intelligent

A recent article published in Medium, busts myths about intelligence right and left.  First is the notion that intelligence is not changeable.  In fact, as we know, intelligence is not fixed  but can be developed and nobody knows what the limits on that are.  Next, the idea that the results of standardized testing mean something.  They don’t actually predict life performance.  And third, the concept that intelligence only takes one form.  It takes many forms.

Then, author Ayodeji Awosika offers specific ways to be more intelligent.  They’re all worth practicing.  Some ay sound familiar, such as “Never Stop Learning.”  But Awosika makes it much more operational.  “The more developed your array of skills,” he write, “the more opportunity available to you in this world. Instead of trying to be the best at one thing, you can become pretty good at several things, making you one of the top people with these combined sets of skills… What’s your “talent stack?” What combinations of skills can you combine to help you stand out from the crowd?”

We love the idea of a talent stack and in this collaboratively cross-disciplinary world where the boundaries of expertise shift and mesh, it make more sense than every.

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