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Brainware SAFARI with Mindprint Pre- and Post


Combine BrainWare SAFARI with Mindprint as an independent, scientifically valid measure of the user’s cognitive growth from using BrainWare SAFARI.   As a combination package, you get the post-test assessment and growth report at no additional charge. After you place your order, you will be provided with links to set up the user’s account.  You will also receive a link to download the software on your computer.

If you are a school, a clinician’s office, or a learning center, please click here for purchasing information. Our online store is intended for those who are purchasing these programs for home use.

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Product Description

BrainWare SAFARI

After you place your order, the confirmation page you see will provide a link that will enable you to set up the username and password for the account you purchase.  Each user receives a unique username and password to access the program.

You will also receive an introductory email with information on installing the BrainWare SAFARI software on your computer(s).  You may install the software on multiple computers.  The email will contain a link to a page where you can access the online Travel Guide (user manual), tips on how to get the most out of BrainWae SAFARI, and much, much more.

BrainWare SAFARI is an award-winning software program that incorporates decades of proven multidisciplinary clinical approaches to cognitive skills development into an engaging video-game format.

The program contains 20 exercises comprising 168 progressively challenging levels that develop and strengthen 41 cognitive (mental processing) skills.

The 41 skills fall into six categories:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Visual Processing
  • Auditory Processing
  • Sensory Integration
  • Logic, Reasoning, Planning

Scientific research has demonstrated that the brain is plastic (it can change) and that the right kind of training develops new and stronger neural connections. Research is also showing the importance of skills like working memory, visualization and visual-auditory integration to academic and life success.

BrainWare SAFARI does not teach reading or math or any subject matter. Rather it trains the underlying cognitive skills that enable students to learn and demonstrate learning. The skills developed in BrainWare SAFARI were selected because they are critical in the learning process.

While the purpose of the program is serious and challenging, BrainWare SAFARI is designed to provide the inherent engagement and motivation of a video game.

The recommended usage for BrainWare SAFARI is  3 to 5 times per week, 30 to 60 minutes per day. Individual results will vary.

Mindprint Cognitive Assessment

The Mindprint assessment enables parents to understand how an individual child learns, so the child can be given the optimal supports to succeed and learning individualized to enhance each child’s ability to reach her is her potential.  The assessment can also be used to as a pre-test and a post-test to measure your child’s cognitive growth after they’ve used BrainWare SAFARI according to the recommended usage.  This item includes an initial Comprehensive Mindprint Learning Profile, and a personalized toolbox with the most important strategies determined by your child’s unique learning strengths and the weaknesses, and a growth report following use of BrainWare and a second administration of the assessment.

The Mindprint Assessment comprises 10 subtests:

Executive Functions
– Attention
– Working Memory
– Flexible Thinking

Complex Reasoning
– Abstract Reasoning
– Verbal Reasoning
– Spatial Perception

– Verbal Memory
– Visual Memory

Processing Speed
– Overall Processing Speed
– Visual Motor Speed

After you place your order, you will – an introductory email with access to your account and the number of assessments/toolboxes you purchase, as well as the link to and instructions for administering the assessment.  The post-test assessment will be made available no sooner than 3 months following the user’s first assessment.

System Requirements — BrainWare SAFARI

PC/Windows: Windows® 98 or higher, Pentium III or higher, 600 MHz or faster

MAC: OSX required, 600 MHz G3 or faster

All: 200 MB available hard disk space
Internet connection
Computer speakers (Headset recommended)
External Mouse

BrainWare SAFARI is not compatible with Chromebooks, tablets or mobile devices. 

System Requirements — Mindprint

PC or Mac or Chromebook
External Mouse and computer keyboard
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser
Adobe Flash Player Plug-In
Browser set to allow access to cookies.  The testing environment requires that cookies be enabled to track test progress.  The cookies expire after 3 hours


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