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Helping Students More Easily “Crack the Code”

Introduction to Readable English

Readable English addresses the three greatest difficulties of learning to decode English:

  • Syllabication
  • Unpronounced Letters
  • Multiple Possible Sounds 

The complex spelling of English makes it a difficult language to learn to read.  Many letters represent multiple sounds and many sounds can be represented by different letters.  Letters in many words aren’t pronounced and syllabication can be inconsistent.  In short, written English is unpredictable.  It takes students 2.5 years to reach the same level of basic literacy achieved by students learning to read more consistently phonetic languages in a single year.

Readable English simplifies written English by making it phonetic without changing the spelling of words.  The pronunciation cues embedded in words make it easy for learners to accurately and independently sound out words.

The program is perfect for emerging readers, struggling readers and non-native English speakers.  It can also help many students challenged with dyslexia.

Even students who are non-readers gain the ability to sound out words with fluency and confidence in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years.

Readable English:

  • Provides a complete program to support teachers, including online lessons, printable materials and games, apps, and reading practice texts.
  • Includes an eReader application that allows teachers and students to easily convert texts into Readable English.
  • Allows teachers to assign activities and monitor student progress within an easy-to-use and intuitive administrative portal.
  • Is supported by research and field studies in schools, showing dramatic gains that translate quickly to reading standard English.
  • Offers an engaging experience where students quickly experience success in correctly pronouncing and reading.

This is what text marked up with Readable English looks like… Readable English preserves the spelling and provides embedded direction to help the reader correctly pronounce and therefore recognize the word.

Impressive Results

At Springs Valley Elementary School, French Lick, IN, students using Readable English improved their age-equivalent reading scores significantly more than was expected on the Gray Oral Reading Test.  Students were pre- and post-tested before and after the implementation of Readable English. Second-grade students were pre- and post-tested 3 months apart, during which time they received their daily reading instruction using Readable English.  Averaged across all aspects of reading ability, students improved by 1.6 years, exceeding expected by well over a year. First and third graders also achieved comparable gains.

High school students reading below grade level at The Crossing School, near Indianapolis, IN, were pre- and post-tests with the Gray Oral Reading Test in September and December.  Students who received instruction using Readable English for six weeks improved their reading scores significantly more than students receiving traditional reading instruction.

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