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Noodle Some Noodles

Noodle Some Noodles

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Today is National Noodle Day, and we’ve created a noodle puzzle to get you noodling some noodles.

Can you follow the spaghetti noodle paths and see which noodles will end up in which of the four bowls?

Scroll down for the answer …


A little more …



A little more ….



The bunch of noodles on the left goes to the red bowl.

The second bunch of noodles goes to the clear bowl.

The third bunch of noodles goes to the white bowl.

The last bunch of noodles go to the blue bowl.


Oh, and one more thing … Do you know the names of the noodles in the picture?

Scroll down some more …


A little more …


From left to right:


Farfalle, Cavatappi, Orechiette, Rotelle


What’s your favorite type of noodle?





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