Neuroscience Based Learning Strategies

Neuroscience-Based Learning Strategies for Teachers and Students


An article with this title was published in December in STEM Magazine, authored by Betsy Hill, president of BrainWare Learning Company. Here’s how the article starts …


We covered all of the material but they just cant remember it when it comes time for the test.

They all passed the test, but now its like theyve never seen the material.

Learning which we often think of as the ability to recall and apply information on a test and as the basis for future learning is supposed to be happening at school, but often it just doesnt seem to be happening the way anyone wants, students or teachers.

Theres a lot we can learn from neuroscience about the learning process and how to get learning to stick. Teachers need to understand some basics of neuroscience so that they can help students learn better. Students also need to learn about their brains so that they will be able to utilize strategies to be more successful, whether it is school-related or not.


The article goes on to explain that learning is actually a biological process and offers strategies for teachers and students to strengthen and deepen learning at each stage that information goes through to become “learned.”

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