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Product Description

The Personalized Cognitive Assessment and Learning Plan starts with the Mindprint cognitive assessment, a scientificatlly valid cognitive battery that identifies a child’s cognitive strength and weakness.  You will receive a comprehensive report that details areas of strength and areas that need support 2 to 3 business days after your child completes the assesment.  The assessment is adminitered online on your home computer and takes about an hour.

Based on your child’s unique learning profile, we will develop a learning plan for you child to addres those strengths and weaknesses, with strategies that can be used at home and at school.  One of our BrainWare-certified educators will consult with you on a 30-minute phone call to review the reports and to answer any questions you may have.  After you have had a chance to use the Learning Plan for several weeks, we refresh the plan for you and your child based on what is working best for them.

Cognitive skills assessed:

Executive Functions
Working Memory
Flexible Thinking

Reasoning Skills
Visual Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning

Visual Memory
Verbal Memory

Processing Speed
Visual Motor Speed

The Mindprint assessment is suitable for ages 8 through 21.

If you are a parent, please click here to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your child’s (children’s) needs and our various cognitive assessment and training options.

If you are a school, a clinician’s office, or a learning center, please click here to request purchasing information for the Mnindprint assessment. Our online store is intended for those who are purchasing the program for home use.

System Requirements for the Assessment

A desktop or laptop computer, PC or Mac, or a Chromebook
A computer mouse, and a computer keyboard
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser
Adobe Flash Player Plug-In
Browser set to allow access to cookies.  The testing environment requires that cookies be enabled to track test progress.  The cookies expire after 3 hours.