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Product Description

The Mindprint assessment enables parents, educators and clinicians to understand how an individual child learns, so the child can be given the optimal supports to succeed and learning individualized to enhance each child’s ability to reach his or her potential.  Mindprint’s one-hour scientifically valid cognitive battery identifies a child’s cognitive strength and weakness, identifying areas of giftedness and learning challenges.

Mindprint assesses the following skills:

Executive Functions
Working Memory
Flexible Thinking

Reasoning Skills
Visual Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning

Visual Memory
Verbal Memory

Processing Speed
Visual Motor Speed

The results are presented as a Unique Learning Profile with specific recommendations for evidence-based strategies and access to a personalized toolkit of resources curated by educational experts.

The Mindprint assessment is suitable for ages 8 through 21.

Package Options

1 Assessment       $199
2 Assessments       $349
3 Assessments       $499

If you are a school, a clinician’s office, or a learning center, please click here to request purchasing information and special pricing. Our online store is intended for those who are purchasing the program for home use.

System Requirements

A desktop or laptop computer, PC or Mac, or a Chromebook
A computer mouse, and a computer keyboard
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser
Adobe Flash Player Plug-In
Browser set to allow access to cookies.  The testing environment requires that cookies be enabled to track test progress.  The cookies expire after 3 hours.

Making Your Purchase

After you place your order, you will receive an introductory email with access to your account and the number of assessments/toolboxes you purchase, as well as the link to and instructions for administering the assessment.