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A Personalized GPS for Learning for Each Student

Mindprint is an easy-to administer, scientifically valid cognitive assessment.  It enables parents, educators, and clinicians to understand how a child learns and provides resources to help foster strengths and support weaker areas of development.  

The Mindprint assessment was developed by neuroscientists at Brain Behavior Laboratory, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.  It was normed on over 10,000 children via an NIH-sponsored study.  Its reliability has been reviewed in scientific journals, including JAMA Psychiatry and APA Neuropsychology.

The assessment addresses cognitive skills in the following areas:

      Visual Motor
Executive Functions
      Working Memory
      Flexible Thinking


WHO The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment is appropriate for ages 8 to 21.  The child should be reading at a second-grade level to take the assessment. The Mindprint Assessment has options for parents, schools, and clinicians.
WHAT This nationally normed, scientifically valid online cognitive assessment can be used in a variety of situations.  First, it will provide an accurate and actionable Learning Profile for the assessed individual.  This provides the basis for more effective learning strategies, supported by a personalized toolbox of resources.  The assessment can also be used to screen individuals with the results indicating areas of concern that should be probed with other assessments that could yield a diagnosis.  The assessment can also be used to measure the impact of cognitive interventions or treatments (such as medication for ADHD).
WHEN The assessment takes about an hour to administer.  Generally, it does not make sense to repeat the assessment in less than 6 to 12 months, unless it is being used to measure the impact of cognitive interventions or treatments.
WHERE        You will need a desktop or laptop computer, PC or Macintosh, computer mouse, and computer keyboard. You will need Internet access to download each part of the battery, but the Internet speed will not impact the test or the child’s performance.

Schools most often use the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment in one of three ways:

  1. General Screen. As an efficient general screen to identify areas that may require further evaluation.
  2. Growth Measure. As a pre- and post-test for a cognitive training program, such as BrainWare SAFARI.
  3. GPS for Learning.  The Mindprint Comprehensive Learning profile provides a deeper understanding of individual students’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as the basis for a specific learning plan, with personalized strategies, tactics and tools.

General Screen

Clinicians who have a doctoral degree or equivalent (i.e., extensive experience in working with standard scores, are qualified to use either the standard scores report or an enhanced report called the Mindprint Assist.  While results of the Mindprint battery do not constitute a diagnosis (e.g., of ADHD or a learning disability), they do provide an indication when and where further evaluation may be warranted or identify students with needs who might otherwise “fall through the cracks.”  Below is a standard scores report for an individual student.  Note, that schools screening large numbers of students can receive data in a CSV/spreadsheet format for analysis. (Note: use and interpretation of standard scores data require a doctoral degree or equivalent.)

View Sample Scores Report

View Enhanced Sample Scores Report (Mindprint Assist)

Growth Measure

The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment can be used as a pre- and post-test to assess cognitive gains related to use of BrainWare SAFARI or to assess the effects of a treatment, such as an ADHD medication.  The reports generated for this application of the assessment show individual student growth.  Reporting may also look at group statistics (e.g., means, medians and standard deviations), if appropriate.  Information on an individual student’s progress in BrainWare SAFARI is reported along with Mindprint scores for that student.

Download Sample Report

Comprehensive Mindprint -- GPS for Learning

The full value of the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment is derived from its ability to generate deep insights into an individual student’s learning profile, and personalized recommendations for learning strategies, tactics, and tools.  Each student’s report (the Comprehensive Mindprint) contains their learning profile with an overview, a detailed description of the assessment and the students’ results, and recommendations on how to support the students’ weaker areas as well as to help them to take advantage of their strengths.

Download Sample Comprehensive Mindprint Learning Profile

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