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An Easy-to-Administer, Scientifically Valid Cognitive Assessment

The Mindprint Assessment enables educators, clinicians, and parents to understand how an individual child learns.  The child’s learning profile serves as a guide to providing the optimal supports for individualized learning.  The Mindprint assessment is suitable for ages 8 through 21.  The assessment takes about an hour to administer and assesses the following skills:

Speed Memory
   Visual Motor Speed    Verbal Memory
   Processing Speed    Visual Memory
Executive Functions Complex Reasoning
   Attention    Abstract Reasoning
   Flexible Thinking    Verbal Reasoning
   Working Memory    Spatial Perception

The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment is a scientifically valid, nationally normed, assessment of the cognitive skills essential for learning.  it can be administered by a parent, a teacher, or a clinician, online, in about an hour.

Based on the student’s performance and their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, the Mindprint Assessment generates a unique Learning Profile for each student that yields powerful insights into how each student learns.  Each student then has access to a personalized toolbox of strategies and resources that are based on their unique Learning Profile.

The Mindprint Learning Profile is like a GPS for learning.

Not only does Mindprint help teachers and parents to be more strategic in the supports they provide to their students, it can empower students to be more effective and more independent learners.

Consider a coach reviewing film footage of the player’s performance at the latest game or practice.  Consider how the discussion based on that footage (film study) enables the coach and the player to see the same thing and agree on a strategy for the next game or practice.  A Mindprint Learning Profile can be shared with a student to get teachers and students on the same page and focused on reinforcing that student’s strengths and supporting weaker cognitive skills.

Developed by neuroscientists at the Brain Behavior Laboratory, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

Scientific Validation
Normed on over 10,000 children and 100,000 adults via an NIH-sponsored study.  Reliability reviewed in scientific journals including JAMA Psychiatry and APA Neuropsychology.  High correlation with WISC-IV and WRAT

NASA and U.S. Army
Clinical Trials
K-16 Education

Your Focus

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Cognitive skills are the building blocks for learning.  Uncover your child’s cognitive strengths and areas to support and discover the power of a personalized learning profile and resources.
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A cognitive assessment that’s easy for a teacher to administer and provides flexible options to help schools personalize learning.

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A scientifically valid, nationally normed cognitive assessment that can be used as an initial screen or as the basis for a detailed report on cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

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