Measuring and Developing Executive Functions

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Measuring and Developing Executive Functions

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Scheduled for July 19, 11 a.m. Central Time
This webinar will be recorded.


Executive Functions are a class of cognitive skills that constitute the directive capacities of our minds. They are essential for learning and for social and emotional intelligence. They are predictive of how students do academically, how much money they will learn in their careers, how healthy they will be as adults and whether or not they will have trouble with the law. And they can be assessed and developed.

In this webinar, we will explore the core executive functions — working memory, inhibitory control, and cognitive flexibility — understanding what they are and how they relate to both academic and social and emotional learning. We will show how executive functions can be measured using the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment and how they can be developed using BrainWare SAFARI cognitive training software.


  • The Three Core Executive Functions
  • The Role of Executive Functions in Academics and Social and Emotional Learning
  • Measuring Executive Functions with the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment
  • Developing Executive Functions with BrainWare SAFARI


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