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Make Summer Count

Make Summer Count

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First of all, summer should be fun, so the three programs we talk about in this blog ARE fun.  At the same time, they have the power to transform your child’s learning skills so the next school year has a better chance of fulfilling your and your child’s aspirations.

And, to make it all a little easier, if you purchase one of programs before June 30, you can use Coupon Code:  SUMMER2019 for a full 20% discount. (On top of the discounts we already offer for multiple users!).

Here’s a quick run-down:



Program:                          SkateKids (Ramps To Reading)

Cost:                                  $60 (only $48 with your coupon code – Summer2019) SHOP

Best Bet For:                    Reading Comprehension

What They’ll Love:          The games themselves, with the skateboarding/surfboarding/snowboarding) theme and a great rewards system.

Why You’ll Love It:          Most reading programs test comprehension.  This program actually develops comprehension by strengthening the skills that we use when we understand something.  Two of these skills are called working memory and visualization – the ability to hold information in our mind, and to create a mental image of something we read about.

Ages:                                 4 to 12 (up to 6th grade reading level)



Program:                          LiteracyPlanet

Cost:                                  $99 annual subscription (just $79.20 with your coupon code — Summer 2019) SHOP

Best Bet For:                    Overall English Language Arts

What They’ll Love:         The spelling and word games (really!), the adventure of Quest Mode, and the fact that everything is gamified.

Why You’ll Love It:        Let’s face it.  Most opportunities for your child’s future education require excellent language, reading and writing skills.  Your student can slave over word lists, vocabulary and spelling rules, or they can learn by playing.

Ages:                                 6 to Adult (through 10th Grade Language Arts Standards)


BrainWare SAFARI

Program:                          BrainWare SAFARI

Cost:                                  $150 (only $120 with your coupon code — Summer2019) SHOP

Best Bet For:                    Expanding Learning Capacity

What They’ll Love:         It’s like a video game, it’s challenging, it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen at school, and it will make all learning easier.

Why You’ll Love It:         The short version:  Better focus, attention and memory.  The longer version:  BrainWare SAFARI develops cogntiive skills.  Cognitive skills are the foundation for learning.  BrainWare SAFARI develops 41 cognitive skills in a comprehensive, integrated, and (did we say this already?) FUN way.

Ages:                                 6 to 106 (join in with the kids this summer, and sharpen everyone’s cognitive skills!)


If you’re not sure which program would be right for your child, let’s talk, just give us a call at 877-BRAIN-10 (9=877-272-4610) and we’ll walk through the options. Or CONTACT US via the website.

We wish you and your kids a great summer while you get ready to meet the challenges of the next school year, relaxed, confident, an armed with new skills.

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