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A Complete Literacy Solution

Introduction to LiteracyPlanet

Literacy is more than reading.  Full literacy includes listening and writing and spelling and grammar, in addition to the critical skills of phonics, fluency and comprehension required to be a good reader.  LiteracyPlanet provides an integrated, standards-aligned, single-platform solution that can be used at school, at home … anywhere you have an internet connection.

Literacy Is More than Reading!

LiteracyPlanet brings together curriculum-aligned literacy education and the latest digital technology. Whether for early reading skills or advanced grammar, LiteracyPlanet provides students with a learning adventure to help them develop excellent English literacy skills. Because the program is highly interactive and extensively gamified, students are immediately engaged and continually motivated to build their skills.  It is so much fun, they may not even recognize how much they’re learning!

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, or a reading coach, you no longer have to try to patch together multiple programs and systems to create a complete, comprehensive literacy program.

Reading Fluency
Reading Comprehension

Aligned to curriculum and literacy standards.

As a teacher, not only can you be assured that the activities in LiteracyPlanet are aligned to the standards in your state, you can even search for activities that address a specific standard.  From 2nd through 10th Grade, it’s easy to find activities that will help students learn and practice the skills you know they need.

Flexible levels and flexible pathways.

Not every student is at the same level in every subject or even in every aspect of acquiring literacy skills.  Teachers or parents can specify a grade level or a range of grade levels for each student.  Personalized learning has never been this easy or this practical!

Each student’s learning experience can also be personalized through a combination of self-directed and teacher-assigned work.

The power of technology and gamification.

LiteracyPlanet supports students in their learning journey by enabling then to work at their own level and at a pace that is appropriate to them. The gamified aspects of the program and high quality visuals engage and motivate learners to do their best.

Impressive Results

LiteracyPlanet originated in Australia (did you know that education is the second-largest export from that country?) and has built an impressive track-record there.  In a study conducted by Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, students who were substantially below grade-level reduced the gap to their on-grade-level peers by 70% after just a few hours using LiteracyPlanet.   While the accent has changed, the engaging and motivating activities are all still there.

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