The Neuroscience of Stress and Learning

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The Neuroscience of Stress and Learning

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Parents and educators are confronted on a daily basis with issues related to stress – sometimes their own stress and that of their colleagues – and increasingly the chronic or acute stress of their children and students. The traumatic events that have affected so many communities this year, including hurricanes and fires and violence, have resulted in heightened awareness of the stressful impact of trauma; and science has started to shed light on the devastating effects of chronic stress that many children and adults experience. We mostly think of the negative aspects of stress, but some amount of stress is inevitable and sometimes even beneficial. In this webinar, Dr. Lou Whitaker, President of Open Minds Enterprises, will discuss the neuroscience of stress, the effect of stress on learning and development, and tools and strategies for helping our students and ourselves deal with stress, both acute and chronic.




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