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Please Take My Crutches

Please Take My Crutches   A 17-year-old high-school student recently walked into a high-stakes test without the accommodations that he had received for years. This was not an arbitrary

Learn to Ask for Help

    By Peter Kline, author of The Genius in All of Us and Why America's Children Can't Think   I once had a tenth-grade student who was failing history.  I called her

Some Thoughts on Learner Variability

With all the attention being paid to the differences between learners and the need for differentiation, it is also important to remember that, intra-learner variability can be just as perplexing as

CEC Report on The State of the Special Education Profession

There is a new report out from the Council for Exceptional Children, The State of the Special Education Profession Survey Report.  It is more a report about how special education teachers feel about

Do Resource Teachers Have the Right Resources?

Here are some statements we’ve heard from real resource teachers: “I tell my middle-school students that they will learn to read and be fine when they get to high school.  I’m tired of

Make Summer Count

First of all, summer should be fun.  Here are two fun programs that also have the power to transform your child’s learning skills so the next school year has a better chance of fulfilling your and

Do Too Many or Too Few Students from Poverty Get a Special Ed Label?

I received a really interesting question this morning in response to an invitation to our upcoming webinar on The Cognitive Impact of Poverty: Implications for Teaching.  The question read as

Will ESSA Fail to Close the Achievement Gaps?

An article published last week by EdWeek suggests that the Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law more than three years ago, hasn’t achieved much, particularly with respect to closing the

Is Your Child’s IEP Really Making a Difference?

In some schools, 30% of more of the students have an individualized education plan (IEP).  In reality, every child should have one, since every child learns uniquely.  But for some children, it’s

What Do You Mean by “Cognitive Capacity?”

A webinar hosted by EdWeb was provocatively titled, “4 Lies the System Teaches School Leaders about Struggling Readers.”  The first “lie,” according to the presenter is that struggling