BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scales

Find Out Your Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses


How are your attention skills? How about your memory? Do you see things quickly and accurately? Are you a good problem solver? Perhaps you have questions about your own cognitive skills or those of a child or student.

The BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scale is used to evaluate an individuals cognitive skills in the areas of Attention, Perceptual Processing, Memory, Executive Functions, and Reasoning. It can be used as a one-time assessment of cognitive strengths and weaknesses or as a repeated evaluation after cognitive training with BrainWare SAFARI. The rating scale is based on observable behaviors that relate to an individuals level of cognitive development in each of the areas.

Many parents and teachers use these rating scales because they are easy to complete and are available free of charge. There are three different rating scales, for different aged individuals.

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