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Cognitive Literacy Solutions Demos

Cognitive Literacy Solutions Demos

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BrainWare SAFARI — Brain-Building at Its Best

BrainWare SAFARI is the most researched, comprehensive, integrated online cognitive training tool in the world. But what does that look like? In this webinar, we will briefly explain the role of cognitive skills in reading, math and social competence, let you play along with some of our favorite cognitive exercises and share some of the latest research findings.

Mindprint — Personalized Learning in Practice

The Mindprint cognitive assessment enables a clinician, educator or parent to understand each student’s learning profile and what it means for academics and social and emotional competence, and then to develop a personalized learning plan for them. In this webinar, you will see how easy it is to determine how underlying cognitive strengths and weaknesses are likely to manifest themselves in academic and social settings, and how to provide a practical, useful and evidence-based personalized learning plan.

LiteracyPlanet — Immediate Engagement, Lasting Literacy

LiteracyPlanet is a comprehensive, online English language arts program that brings together reading fluency, comprehension, spelling, grammar, and writing in one integrated, gamified platform. In this webinar, we will demonstrate why students love to use the program, how easy it is to find standards-aligned activities for exactly what you’re working on right now, and how to have an impact on student literacy skills in just a few weeks.

Readable English — Reading Made Easier

Readable English is an innovative approach to helping students overcome the unpredictability of sounding out English words, accelerating the acquisition of decoding skills, and lessening the cognitive load to help improve comprehension. In this webinar, we will simulate a class learning how Readable English works and some of the pronunciation cues that the system provides. You won’t forget this demo very soon!

SkateKids — Reading Comprehension Reinvented

SkateKids (and Ramps To Reading for younger students) is the first cognitively based reading program, combining the work of Dr. Jack Naglieri, nationally recommended reading skills and the best of digital game-based learning.  In this webinar, you will “play along” as we strengthen our planning, attention, simultaneous and sequential processing skills and apply them to the process of comprehending text. We’ll also take a peek at some of the cognitive and phonics games in the program.

BrainsON! — PD for Your Brain

On BrainsON! Professional Development workshops cover a variety of topics related to brain-compatible teaching and learning. In this webinar, we will demonstrate one of the most popular of our professional development offerings — How the Brain Learns — adapted to our online platform. We’ll do some myth-busting and model brain-compatible instructional practices.


After you have watched any of these webinars, you can request a Certificate of Participation for Professional Development purposes.

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