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Cognitive Training Options

From Do-It-Yourself to One-to-One Online Training … The Choice is Yours

The recommended protocol for using BrainWare SAFARI is 3 to 5 times a week, 45 minutes per session, for at least 12 weeks.  Most users will not complete all levels of the program within 12 weeks, but that frequency and intensity of usage are what have yielded consistently significant cognitive gains in our research.

All of the options work and it’s a little like physical exercise.  If you are organized and consistent and can keep to the schedule on your own, that’s great.  But many families find it helpful to have some support.  Often the best results come from working with a coach, to keep you on track and help you assess your progress.  

You have a variety of options when it comes to cognitive training.

BrainWare SAFARI Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y)

BrainWare SAFARI is the most researched, comprehensive, integrated online training program anywhere.  It combines decades of multi-disciplinary clinical collaboration with an engaging video-game format.  BrainWare SAFARI is the foundation of all of our cognitive training options.  This is a great option for you and your child if you are organized and can plan and stick to a schedule.


BrainWare Assist

The BrainWare Assist plan provides you with an accountability system to keep you on track and pre- and post-testing using a scientifically valid nationally normed cognitive assessment so that you can see how much cognitive growth your child experiences over the 12 weeks of training.  Our highly trained staff will review your progress and provide a report on a weekly basis of your child’s progress in BrainWare SAFARI.  And we find that an initial planning call and a wrap-up call after the 12 weeks and the post-test will round things out.


BrainWare Small-Group Coaching

Some families benefit from some additional structure and a live coach working with their children online on set days and at set times each week.  The Small-Group Coaching option is a great choice.  Online conferencing and screen-sharing technology support your chid’s online training session with up to two other children.  The session is led by a highly trained BrainWare Master Trainer who has expertise in coaching users in BrainWare, but also in helping your family understand cognitive skills and your child’s performance and progress.  From the first kick-off phone call, through weekly training reports and the final wrap-up review, your dedicated BrainWare Master Trainer will be your guide.


BrainWare One-to-One Coaching

Every serious athlete has a personal trainer and you can have one for your cognitive training experience.  Just like the small-group training, you will have three weekly online sessions with your dedicated BrainWare Master Trainer, and it’s all about you.  From wherever you are, you will get personal training and support throughout your training.



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