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Become a Master BrainWare Coach and transform a child’s life.

The BrainWare Cognitive Training Network is a cadre of retired teachers and other qualified educators and coaches, trained as BrainWare Master Coaches.  BrainWare Master Coaches work online with students of varying ages, using BrainWare SAFARI, the world’s most researched, comprehensive, integrated cognitive skills training program delivered online.  

Parents and teachers describe their students’ BrainWare SAFARI journeys as transformational.  By building students’ capacity for learning, you can help them be better prepared for academic and life success.  And you can do this online, from your computer at home (or wherever you happen to be).  Cognitive training meets the gig economy!

PROBLEM:  The cognitive gap.

Only 37% of high-school graduates are college or career-ready. At the core of academic achievement is cognitive development.  The cognitive gap is the difference between one’s current learning capacity and their learning potential.  Every child (and every adult) has cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  Weaker skills can keep a child from achieving his/her full academic and life success.  Strong cognitive skills can help them excel.

OPPORTUNITY:  Cognitive training online.

The cognitive assessment and training market is exploding as is the K-12 segment of the online tutoring market.  The BrainWare Cognitive Training Network combines combining cognitive training with online coaching for the first time.

What becoming a BrainWare Master Coach involves:

How Online Coaching Works

Online coaching involves using modern, simple technology to meet with your student via computer with the student at his/her home and you at yours.  During the session, your student will be working in BrainWare SAFARI and your role is to support them.  You may be working with a single student or up to three at the same time.  The technology enables you to monitor the student’s work while they share their computer screen and to communicate verbally.  You can use a webcam so you can see each other, if you want.

A BrainWare cognitive course lasts 12 weeks, with sessions scheduled 3 times a week for 45 minutes a session.


BrainWare Master Coaches are usually retired teachers or other educators or coaches who have been through the BrainWare Master Coach Training Program, a 30-hour training program conducted online (blend of independent work with some online meetings).

In addition to comprehensive training and ongoing support, we provide BrainWare Master Coaches with students recruited through a variety of online and offline sources, the online training platform, the necessary licenses for each student, access to progress monitoring tools, and opportunities to participate in a learning and support community with other BrainWare Master Coaches.

BrainWare Master Coaches are not experts in cognitive therapy; their role is to be supportive coaches, to provide direction to students to optimize the impact of their cognitive training experience and to create weekly reports and parental communication.

Learn More

If you are ready to explore the possibilities that come with becoming a BrainWare Master Coach, please email us at for additional information.  You can also schedule a call or just ask a question using the buttons on the right-hand side of the page.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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