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Our Cognitive Training Coaches work online with clients of varying ages, using BrainWare SAFARI, the world’s most researched, comprehensive, integrated cognitive skills training program delivered online.

Parents and teachers describe their students’ BrainWare SAFARI journeys as transformational. By building students’ capacity for learning, you can help them be better prepared for academic and life success. And you can do this online, from your computer at home (or wherever you happen to be). Cognitive training meets the gig economy!


PROBLEM: The cognitive gap.

Cognitive skills are the foundation for learning. The cognitive gap is the difference between one’s current level of cognitive development and one’s learning potential. Everyone has the ability to learn, but not everyone has the same developed capacity to learn. In fact, every child (and every adult) has cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Weaker skills can keep a child from achieving his/her full academic and life success. Strong cognitive skills can help them excel.

What becoming a BrainWare Cognitive Training Coach involves:

Online coaching involves using simple but powerful technology to meet with a student online. You and the student each connect to the online meeting on your individual computers, where you can see each other and the student can share their computer screen. During each session, your student will be working in BrainWare SAFARI and your role is to support them. You may be working with a single student or up to three at the same time. Each coach needs to have a computer with a webcam, an Internet connection, a headset and an external mouse.


Individuals who have worked with students before tend to make the best Cognitive Training Coaches. You do not need to have prior experience with cognitive training; we will provide you with everything you need. Many of our coaches are retired teachers or active teachers who enjoy working with students and who want to earn additional money by coaching students outside of school hours.

The role is that of a coach, not an instructor, providing direction to students to optimize the impact of their cognitive training experience and to create weekly reports which are provided to parents.

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