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Is Cognitive Capacity the Civil Rights Issue of Today?

Unless all students are able to develop the cognitive foundation for learning, then only some will have what it takes to fully access and derive value from their education. This is an issue of access much like other access issues in our society. It may be that the cognitive capacity gap is the civil rights issue of our day.

The Cognitive Impact of Poverty and What Educators Can Do

Numerous studies have shown the impact of poverty on the brain. Neuroscience research is also showing how the plasticity of the brain offers the potential to close the cognitive gap.

Concussion and Youth Sports

This webinar will feature two experts in concussion management and the latest developments in brain injury tracking and treatment. Jim Buskirk and Dan Nicholson.

The Latest Research on Keeping (or Losing) Your Mind

In this webinar, Dr. Pat Wolfe, one of the world’s leading authorities on translating neuroscience research to practical application in education and in other aspects of life, will explain what the science tells us about keeping our minds fit throughout our lives.

PTSD and the Brain

The brain mechanisms that trap sufferers in reliving the most terrifying experiences of their lives will be reviewed, as well as the consequences for families and others who live with students and families affected by PTSD. Our guest presenters for this webinar will be Janet and Tony Seahorn, authors of Tears of a Warrior.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Helping Students with Sensory Issues

Disruptive behavior at home and in school can seem like "misbehavior," plain and simple, but is often attributable to underlying neurodevelopmental issues.

Beyond Labels: Helping Kids with Temperament or Learning Issues

How to make labels like “Lazy,” “Troublemaker,” “Stupid,” “ADHD,” “Learning Disabled,” and “Spoiled" obsolete.

The Road Less Traveled

Recent reforms aimed at increasing student achievement have focused primarily on what can be termed basic academic skills. A robust research base, however, tells us that student success in school requires a combination of social, emotional, and academic/cognitive competencies. This paper discusses and makes policy recommendations regarding how the developmental sciences can prepare Educators to improve student achievement.

BrainWare SAFARI and Students with Autism Spectrum Diagnoses

The study involved students with a range of Autism Spectrum, using BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills development software. Over half of the students were able to persist in using the program over the duration of the study. Subjects 9 and older and those with high-functioning Asperger's diagnoses demonstrated the most benefit, with improvements noted in perceptual processing, sensorimotor processing, attention, thinking and life management skills, as we as improved interpersonal relationships and lower levels of frustration.