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Progressions Puzzle

One kind of pattern is a progression or a sequence.  In some progressions puzzles, as in this one, there may be several elements changing all at the same as the sequence progresses from one end to the other.

Brainy Popcorn Puzzle

Here is a puzzle we came up with to celebrate National Popcorn Day.  Can you solve this puzzle?

SET Card Challenge

Today is National Card Playing Day, and one of our favorite card games is SET.  It's fun and it's a great cognitive workout for just about any age!  

Cut Out Snowflakes Challenge

Can you recognize a cut up snowflake from its folded-up starting point?  See if you can figure out the answer!

How to Turn a Snowflake into a Snowman

Here is a holiday puzzle we hope you will enjoy.  How many moves will it take you to solve it?

Two of These Cookies are Different

Two of these cookies are different.  Can you tell which ones? Don’t give up too soon … You can do it!     (Answer:  The third cookie in the top