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Case Study of a School Turnaround

Case Study of a School Turnaround

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In 2012-13, half of the students at St. Paul City School were reading two or more years behind grade level. Three years later, 60% of the students were reading at or above grade level. And all of this happened in a school in which 96% of the students qualify for free or reduced-price meals, 58% are English Learners and 98% are students of color.

In this webinar, Bondo Nyembwe, who led the St. Paul City School turnaround and who is now replicating his approach as Executive Director of Academia Cesar Chavez in St. Paul, MN, will share his insights and experiences on the keys to a successful school turnaround. Bondo will describe the framework he used with teams of teachers and coaches focused on: 1) Professional Learning Communities, 2) Developing Common Practices (instructional practices for teachers and behavioral practices for students), and 3) Consistent Feedback, Follow-through and Support. He will discuss the role of values, mindset and neuroplasticity in the journey.


Bondo Nyembwe, Executive Director, Academia Cesar Chavez
Bondo Nyembwe is the Executive Director at Academia Cesar Chavez in St. Paul, MN. He is a passionate educator who has worked as a Principal and Executive Director for 15 years in urban schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul. He is dedicated to school transformation and focus on creating common practices that build a positive school culture for teaching and learning. He believes that improving scholars’ achievement for all is a moral imperative. Bondo enjoys reading and translating research into practice to transform schools. He has authored an article on, “Teachers of Color Face Shortage What does it mean to our growing numbers of minority students?” Bondo grew up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and came to the U.S. at the age of 15. He has two undergraduate and a graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, which included a semester of immersive study of Spanish language and culture and Education Leadership. He is married with five children.


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