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Brainy Scrabble Bingo

Can you Bingo (play all 7 letters) with this Brainy Scrabble Board?


While you’re thinking about it:

BRAIN   The organ inside your skull that you learn and think with.

DENDRITE    Every neuron in your brain has about 6,000 dendrites (spines that are sort of like the branches of a tree) that can receive information from other neurons.

AXON     Every neuron has one axon that transmits information via electrical and then chemical signals to other neurons with which it is connected.

MYELIN     The fatty coating on the outside of axon that makes the signals travel faster (the white matter in your brain).


So, what’s missing?


You can make the word SYNAPSES by using the N at the end of AXON.  If you come up with another solution, we’d love to hear about it.  Click Here to let us know.

If you’d like to know more about what educators need to know about the brain, you might want to check our library of webinars or our professional development options.



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