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“The modern workplace runs largely on the cognitive abilities of its workforce.” Hunt & Madhvastha

Award-winning BrainWare SAFARI builds 41 cognitive skills in 6 areas: Attention, Memory, Thinking, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, and Sensory Integration. The 20 exercises in BrainWare SAFARI (most users call them games, rather than exercises – and that’s ok with us!) are based on decades of proven clinical practice. With 168 levels of progressive challenge and the motivation of a video game, BrainWare SAFARI is a turbo-charger for the cognitive capacity of your employees.

Building Employees’ Cognitive Capacity

It is becoming increasingly clear from neuroscience research that intelligence is not fixed and that the ability to learn, think and problem-solve can be enhanced at any age.  The implications of this new knowledge in the workplace are profound.  It means that poorly prepared entry-level workers can make significant improvements in their ability to meet workplace requirements in weeks.  It means that the effectiveness of corporate training programs can be dramatically improved, whether the training is for job-specific skills or for so-called “soft skills” like critical thinking, communication or collaboration.  It means that it is possible to develop the overall cognitive capacity of both individuals and organizations.

Most of us take for granted the cognitive processes that enable us to learn, because most of those processes happen at a non-conscious level.  The graphic below illustrates how processes such as various attention skills, visual and auditory processing skills, processing speed and other basic cognitive functions provide a foundation for higher order cognitive processes and learning.  These are examples of some of the cognitive processes (not an exhaustive list) that enable information to get into our brains from the outside world.

Cognitive training can play an important role in the workplace with a variety of populations, from entry-level to senior executives.

Workplace Readiness and Remediation

Employers agree that there is a significant gap between the level and types of skills they seek in entry-level workers and the level of proficiency demonstrated by applicants.  Cognitive training can help address the skills gap.
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Improving the Return on Training Programs

Many organizations have difficulty showing that training actually improves business performance.  How can cognitive training enhance the ability of those being trained to understand, retain and apply workplace training?
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