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After School

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Pat Riley

BrainWare SAFARI is a wonderful fit for afterschool programs committed to having the greatest impact they can on academic achievement. When children develop stronger cognitive skills, they can be more successful in school across the curriculum. They also typically exhibit more focus, more persistence in the face of challenges, and better communication with peers, parents and other adults.

We can’t become good readers or good math students without strong cognitive processes like sustained attention, working memory and executive functions.  BrainWare SAFARI provides students with just the right kind of cognitive training to strengthen these critical skills, while they engage in what feels to them like a video game.

Literacy / Reading

Reading requires cognitive skills like sustained attention, visualization, processing speed and working memory.  Low-performing readers who used BrainWare SAFARI in an afterschool program increased 13 percentile points on the Verbal section of a nationally normed cognitive test, moving from the 35th to the 48th percentile, in 12 weeks of using BrainWare SAFARI.


BrainWare SAFARI helps children develop the cognitive skills needed for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines, including visual-spatial understanding, pattern recognition and working memory.

Academic Enrichment

Anyone can strengthen his or her ability to think critically, to perceive patterns, to problem solve, in short, to be prepared for a life of cognitively challenging and rewarding endeavors, with carefully designed cognitive exercise.

Tutoring / Homework

Traditional tutoring support can help a student complete tomorrow’s assignment or prepare for the next test, but doesn’t always help them become more self-sufficient and able to complete their assignments independently.  Developing the capacity of students’ minds helps prepare them to take on a lifetime of more independent learning.

College Readiness

College requires cognitive skills as well as academic preparation and drive.  Community college students required to take remedial math and reading courses who used BrainWare SAFARI in a student success class improved their performance on a cognitive test by 6 to 21 points of IQ.  Some high school students have reported dramatic gains in ACT scores (as much as 8 or 9 points) following cognitive training with BrainWare SAFARI.

Real Results in Afterschool Program

Students used BrainWare SAFARI in 2012-13 in an afterschool program for 12 weeks. They took a cognitive test (the CogAT) before and after using BrainWare. Students dramatically improved their performance in all cognitive areas: Verbal, Nonverbal, and Quantitative.

And it’s easy to use …

  • Just about any adult (or even older students) can be the coach for kids using BrainWare SAFARI.  It doesn’t require a lot of training.
  • Kids have fun!  Even though BrainWare SAFARI is serious cognitive training, it was designed with all the best practices of a good video game.
  • Just 3 30-45 minute sessions a week is all it takes.  It can easily fit into most afterschool schedules.
  • Using the program does require a computer (not a tablet) and an Internet connection.  If you have those, download of the software is easy.

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