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“The wisest mind has something left to learn.” George Santayana

Award-winning BrainWare SAFARI builds 41 cognitive skills in 6 areas: Attention, Memory, Thinking, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing and Sensory Integration. The 20 exercises in BrainWare SAFARI (most users call them games, rather than exercises – and that’s ok with us!) are based on decades of proven clinical practice. With 168 levels of progressive challenge and the motivation of a video game, BrainWare SAFARI is the complete brain-building package for any age. How will you make the most of your brain?

Each mind develops uniquely, with its own special strengths and areas that could be stronger.  And our brains continue to develop throughout our lifetimes.  That concept, which neuroscientists call “neuroplasticity,” is the basis for all cognitive training.  Adults use BrainWare SAFARI to help develop cognitive skills for a host of different reasons.  Some adults have struggled with cognitive processing issues since childhood — perhaps with a learning disability or ADHD — and want to strengthen weaker areas so they can perform better in school or the workplace.  Other adults have heard that cognitive exercise is important as we get older to keep our brains working as well as they can and to defer or mitigate age-related cognitive decline.  And still other adults seek to enhance cognitive performance in order to improve their effectiveness on the job.

The links below will provide information on how adults may use BrainWare for different reasons and with different goals in mind.

How may we support you in meeting your cognitive goals?

Keeping Your Brain Fit

BrainWare SAFARI is more than brain teasers and puzzles. It works cognitive skills comprehensively to build cognitive reserve and strengthen mental functioning.
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Learning Disabilities

BrainWare SAFARI doesn’t just teach you how to compensate for weak processing areas.  It uses your strengths to build weaker areas.
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The mind-body connection is powerful and top athletic performance requires top cognitive performance.
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Attention Deficit Disorder

Cognitive skills play a significant role in the ability to learn a new language.  BrainWare SAFARI develops cognitive processes essential for efficient language acquisition.
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