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BrainWare SAFARI with Pre-/Post-Test Product Information

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Product Description

Combine BrainWare SAFARI with Mindprint as an independent, scientifically valid measure of the user’s cognitive growth from using BrainWare SAFARI. As a combination package, you get the full Mindprint Comprehensive Report when your child takes the pre-test. After using BrainWare SAFARI for 12 to 14 weeks, your child will take the post-test and you will receive a report showing their growth on each of the cognitive skills measured in the assessment.

1 User $350
2 Users $600

If you are a school, a clinician’s office, or a learning center, please click here to request purchasing information and special pricing. Our online store is intended for those who are purchasing the program for home use.

System Requirements

For BrainWare SAFARI

Windows: Windows® 98 or higher
Pentium III or higher
600 MHz or faster

MAC: OSX required
600 MHz G3 or faster

All: 200 MB available hard disk space
Internet connection
Computer speakers

The program is not compatible with Chromebooks, tablets or mobile devices.

For the Mindprint Assessment

A desktop or laptop computer, PC or Mac, or a Chromebook
A computer mouse, and a computer keyboard
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser
Adobe Flash Player Plug-In
Browser set to allow access to cookies. The testing environment requires that cookies be enabled to track test progress. The cookies expire after 3 hours.

Recommended Use

The recommended usage for BrainWare SAFARI is 3 to 5 times per week, 30 to 60 minutes per day. Individual results will vary.

Making Your Purchase

After you place your order, you will also receive an introductory email (within 48 hours of your purchase) with information on installing the BrainWare SAFARI software on your computer(s). You may install the software on multiple computers. The email will contain the information on setting up usernames and passwords . It will also contain a link to a page where you can access the online Travel Guide (user manual), tips on how to get the most out of BrainWae SAFARI, and much, much more.

You will also receive an email with access to your Mindprint assessment account and the number of assessments/toolboxes you purchase, as well as the link to and instructions for administering the assessment.

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