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BrainWare SAFARI Cognitive Rating Scale

What Your Results Mean

If you have just completed your first (BEFORE) evaluation, prior to starting BrainWare SAFARI, here is some general information on the level of cognitive skills of the person who was evaluated:

Score Range Likely Level of Skill
6 to 10 Low degree of skill
11 to 15 Below average level of sill
16 to 20 Average level of skill
21 to 25 Above average level of skill
26 to 30 High degree of skill


First, note the cognitive processing areas where this person received this highest scores.  These are areas on which this individual relies the most in learning situations.  These skills will help this individual develop in their weaker areas as they begin to use BrainWare SAFARI.  If this individual has scores in the low degree or below average level of skill ranges, they will likely be challenged in some areas in BrainWare SAFARI, even at some of the early levels.  Weaker areas should get stronger with practice – as will your strengths!

Remember the recommended usage:  3 to 5 times per week, 30 to 60 minutes per session, for 10 to 14 weeks.


If you have just completed your second (AFTER) evaluation, after you have used BrainWare SAFARI for 10 to 14 weeks, you can compare your BEFORE and AFTER scores.

After the child has used BrainWare Safari for about 4 months (minimum of 30 hours of use), fill out the rating scale again.  Transfer the scores from the initial evaluation and those from the post-evaluation into the boxes below and determine the point increase from the initial evaluation to the post-evaluation, as shown in the example below.  Then use the following table to evaluate the improvement.


Write the BEFORE and after SCORES in the following table and then subtract the BEFORE Score from the AFTER Score to calculate the Point Increase.  Then, look at the Increase from BEFORE to AFTER table that follows to determine the degree of improvement.


Skill Area BEFORE Score AFTER Score Point Increase Improvement
Attention Skills
Memory Skills
Perceptual Processing
Thinking Skills
Life Management Skills
Self Esteem


Increase from BEFORE to AFTER:


Point Increase


0 None
1 – 3 Fair
4 – 6 Good
7 – 11 Very Good
12 & up Excellent





Skill Area Initial Score Post Score Point Increase Improvement
Sensorimotor Skills 15 22 7 Very Good