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BrainWare Learning Company Partners with Readable English

BrainWare Learning Company Partners with Readable English

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BrainWare Learning Company and Readable English have entered into a partnership, adding Readable English’s innovative approach to helping students more quickly break the code in learning to read English to BrainWare’s portfolio of cognitive literacy solutions.

The Readable English system unambiguously represents every English word in its component sounds (phonemes), while preserving normal spelling.  Students quickly develop phonemic awareness, accurate auditory discrimination and pronunciation, helping them make sense of the most challenging and unpredictable of English words.

The complex spelling of English makes it a difficult language to learn to read.  Many letters represent multiple sounds and many sounds can be represented by different letters.  Letters in many words aren’t pronounced and syllabication can be inconsistent.  In short, written English is unpredictable.  It takes students 2.5 years to reach the same level of basic literacy achieved by students learning to read more consistently phonetic languages in a single year.

“Readable English is really ingenious,” said Betsy Hill, president of BrainWare Learning Company.  “As a language teacher and neuroeducator, I see the potential for Readable English to dramatically transform the process of learning to read for struggling readers and for English Language Learners of any age, Readable English is like training wheels – they can help students become fluent readers very quickly and then the training wheels come off.  This can truly help turn every student into a proficient reader.”

In studies in schools in Australia and the U.S., students using Readable English have improved their performance in standard reading measures significantly more than students receiving standard reading instruction.  Improvements several times above expected annual reading score gains are typical. The program has been studied in elementary, middle and high schools.

“Readable English is the perfect addition to our portfolio of cognitive literacy solutions. It delivers a learning experience consistent with sound cognitive science.  It is supported by research showing significant impact.  And its online components make strong use of digital game-based learning principles.” said Roger Stark, CEO of BrainWare Learning Company.”


About BrainWare Learning Company

BrainWare Learning Company provides cognitive literacy solutions. The company and its programs have earned an impressive array of awards including the Software and Information Industry CODiE Award as Best Education Game or Simulation; a Parents’ Choice Award; a Teachers’ Choice for the Family Award; a Mom’s Choice Award; District Administration’s Top 100 Products in Education; the Association of Education Publisher’s Distinguished Achievement Award, the Academics’ Choice Mindspring Award, and a Parent-Test Parent-Approved Award. The company was recently named one of the 20 most promising global gamification technology solution providers by CIO Review.  The company’s programs include BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills training software, which is listed as one of the Ideas that Work in special education by the U.S. Department of Education, the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment,  SkateKids / Ramps To Reading cognitively based reading programs, and LiteracyPlanet, a comprehensive English language arts program, aligned to standards and delivered online with thousands of game-based activities,  The newest addition to the company’s portfolio is Readable English, an innovative program that simplifies written English by making it phonetic without changing the spelling of words. The Company’s innovative approaches make the application of neuroscience practical and effective for consumers, educators, and clinicians and in the workplace.  For further information, visit or call 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610).


About Readable English

Readable English has a mission to simplify and accelerate the process of learning to read English.  The system uses easy-to-learn, memorable cues that help learners begin to read English in a matter of weeks rather than months or years. Readable English combines the expertise of reading specialists with years of experience helping children with phonological processing and language disorders and publishing readability work. The system offers a complete program to support teachers, including online lessons, printable materials and games, apps, and reading practice texts, as well as an eReader application that allows teachers and students to easily convert texts into Readable English.


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