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Here are links to the current versions of our product overviews, skills charts, and the like.  Research studies and white papers are not included here since they are publicly available in the Knowledge Center.

BrainWare Learning Company Overview of Products

BrainWare SAFARI


SkateKids / Ramps To Reading

Readable English




ESSA — How BrainWare Learning Helps Meet the Goals (Every Child Succeeds Act)

Product Demo Webinar — Links to Slides

BrainWare SAFARI: Brain-Training at Its Best

Mindprint: Personalized Learning in Practice

LiteracyPlanet; Immediate Engagement, Lasting Literacy

Readable English: Reading Made Easier

SkateKids: Reading Comprehension Reinvented

BrainsON!: PD for Your Brain




If you need a document or a piece of collateral that isn’t here, or if you believe that one of these documents is not the most current, please talk to Karen or Betsy.  You know where to find us.