Brains ON! Workshops

“The human brains is a most unusual instrument of elegant and as yet unknown capacity.” Stuart Seaton

Full-day or half-day Brains ON! Workshops are available on a variety of topics related to applying brain research to classroom practice.

Brains ON! Workshops can be customized to the interests and learning needs of your teachers and staff.  Examples of topics of frequent interest include:

  • Neuroscience Basics for Teachers.  An introduction to the most important principles of neuroscience that every teacher should know.
  • Brain-compatible Instructional Strategies.  The why and how of instructional approaches that help create meaning and more enduring learning.
  • Teaching Students about Their Brains.  The understanding of the brain that students need to develop a growth mindset.
  • The Role of Emotion in Learning.
  • The Impact of Technology on Our Brains.  The good, the bad; the known and the unknown.
  • Transforming Learning from the Inside Out.  The cognitive processes involved in learning and how they can be developed.


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