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The BrainWare SAFARI Online User Manual

How To Use BrainWare SAFARI

For the best results (most improvement in cognitive skills) we recommend scheduling BrainWare SAFARI into your routine, 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes each day for 10 to 12 weeks.

  • It may be tempting to work for longer than 60 minutes. If you choose to do that keep in mind that this can actually be more difficult and cause you to miss more because your brain will fatigue while you are working.
  • It may also be tempting to just hop on and play for a few minutes.  This is not recommended as your brain needs a particular level of intensity to develop.  Breaking down your sessions to less than 30 minutes, may not result in the changes you are hoping to see.

BrainWare SAFARI is designed so that most players can work with little assistance.  We have designed BrainWare SAFARI so that players can read the instructions on their own or choose to listen to the audio recording of the instructions while they follow along.  Younger players may need some help understanding the instructions and may require more support and explanation as they use the program.  For more information on how to provide this kind of support, see Coaching Tips.

The 20 exercises in BrainWare SAFARI may be performed in any order.  The program is designed so that exercises overlap in skill development; each exercise develops multiple cognitive skills and the skills are developed in multiple exercises in different ways.  It is best to cross-train your way through the exercises, not getting too far ahead in any one.  Spend 10 minutes in one exercise and then try another one for 10 minutes. Some people become so engrossed in an exercise that they find it helpful to set a timer to remind them when the 10 minutes are up. This cross-training approach will build your skills faster and will make your journey all the more enjoyable.

Developing cognitive skills requires that the player be challenged.  Some exercises or levels will be easier than others but all of them will help you develop those crucial learning skills. The benefit and skill development occurs when the players are working at a level they find more challenging – we call this “the sweet spot of challenge.”  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t pass a level right away.  BrainWare is teaching your brain something new even if you have to try an exercise many, many times to pass to the next level but again, after 10 minutes of concentrated effort, exit that exercise and work in a new exercise.  Your brain needs time to rest and process what you were learning and the next time you work in that exercise you may be successful in passing to the next level.

Save the two logic and reasoning exercises for later on in your BrainWare SAFARI journey. Llama Logic and Ancient Logic and Reasoning are the two exercises that are multiple choice and not timed. You can relax while you try to figure out the puzzle presented to you at each level. If you do only two or three of these challenges a day, you’ll have plenty of fun challenges to spread throughout your journey.

Software Installation

BrainWare SAFARI 2.5 has to be installed on your computer(s) before you can use it and it requires an Internet connection while you are playing it.  BrainWare SAFARI runs on PCs and Mac operating systems with the Mac Compatibility Pack.  There is no tablet or iPad app at this time.

Here are the links to download the software for your PC or Mac:

PC users: Click here to download
MAC users: Click here

After you have installed the software on your computer(s), you are ready to begin. BrainWare SAFARI requires an Internet connection while you are playing the program.

Installation Instructions for a Windows PC

  1. Launch the downloaded file.
  2. The installer program will launch after a brief delay.
  3. Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.

Installation Instructions for a Macintosh

To install BrainWare SAFARI on a Macintosh you will need to use The BrainWare SAFARI Mac Compatibility Pack which requires a couple of steps to complete. First, it requires XQuartz, a special reader program for certain files to be used on Macintosh OS 10.7 and higher. After it is installed completely, the BrainWare SAFARI Mac application can be installed. Please follow the instructions carefully. Call Customer Service at 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610) if you need assistance.


Customer Service: 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610)

Hours:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CT), Monday through Friday

Visit us on Facebook

Coaching Tips

Parents, grandparents, older siblings, teachers, tutors, therapists and others sometimes serve as coaches for players using BrainWare SAFARI.  Here are some suggestions to help make the BrainWare SAFARI journey more productive and enjoyable.

  • Make sure the environment is conducive to learning, including a desk area that includes a computer with an Internet connection and good lighting.
  • Attaching a set of headphones to the computer may enhance the experience for the player, as some of the signals are auditory.
  • For players using a laptop computer, adding a mouse is recommended.  Most players find it easier and more accurate than using the touchpad of a laptop.
  • The number of times a player gives attention to BrainWare SAFARI in a week (we call that time and intensity) is actually more important than completing all the levels in all of the exercises.  Finishing levels is rewarding, but rest assured that your player is benefiting from the program even when (in fact, especially when) it becomes challenging.  That’s when your player is learning something new.
  • Some players may need a little help to understand what is expected in an exercise or in a specific level of an exercise.  We recommend that you become familiar with the exercises so you will be confident with instructions and expectations.  We have provided detailed explanations for each exercise under the EXERCISE DESCRIPTION section of this guide in addition to the Level Instructions found on the navigation bar above each exercise in the BrainWare SAFARI program.
  • When your player is performing an exercise incorrectly, stop and make them aware of the error.  You may need to switch to the Practice Mode to demonstrate the correct way to perform the exercise.
  • Encourage your player to try different exercises and not to stay in one exercise until it’s completed.  BrainWare SAFARI is built on the principle of cross-training; moving around among the exercises will maximize the benefit for the player and make the journey more enjoyable.  Many people find it helpful to set a timer for 10-minute intervals (5 minutes may be appropriate for younger players). Have your player work in an exercise for 10 minutes and when the timer goes off, have them switch to a new exercise and work in that one for 10 minutes.  We call this the 10 Minute Rule.  Not only will this help your player cross-train through the exercises but it will also help them manage their frustration when the exercises become more challenging.  Following this method, it should take your player a week or two before they work in an exercise again.
  • The player can check their progress by visiting the Jungle Resort and selecting the Scoreboard.  If the player clicks on the Scoreboard, they will be able to scroll through the list of exercises and see the number of levels passed as indicated by the gold bars.  Many players review this chart at the beginning of each session to target the exercises with the fewest number of passed levels and then work in those exercises first while they are still fresh.
  • Help instill the desire and will to achieve in your player.  When you see your player giving effort, let them know it!  Help the player view personal effort as central to their success.
  • When the program gets hard for your player, that’s when it’s really helping to develop their skills.  Be encouraging and supportive!  Focus on providing positive encouragement.  Convey to your player that they are capable of succeeding and doing well at any challenge.  It may be helpful to remind your player of other times of success and how that achievement felt.  BrainWare SAFARI is challenging for everyone at some point.  The key is to not give up and to keep practicing.  One day they will surprise themselves and they’ll “get it”.  Celebrate those hard fought victories.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to review with your player the skills they are working on in a specific exercise.  These skills can be found by clicking on the SKILLS icon  located in the bottom left corner of the instruction page for each exercise.  Each skill is described in common terms and depicts how these skills are used in various activities both in and outside of school.
  • It may be helpful to let the player say the numbers or letters out loud for some exercises.  This is a great way to help build their working memory and their confidence and it’s not cheating.
  • Don’t let your player write things down while they are playing.  The idea is to build their brain capacity and not to increase their dependence on having things written down.  This would be considered cheating in BrainWare SAFARI.
  • If your player has difficulty with “right” and “left” directions, have them work in Iguana Lookout before trying Arrow Point Bridge.  Using the Practice Mode in Iguana Lookout may help the player become more comfortable with left and right arrows.  Then they’ll be better prepared for Arrow Point Bridge where the arrows disappear after they are displayed.

Rhythm Ribbet is a good exercise to work in early on because it helps develop rhythm and timing skills that will be used in a number of other exercises.

  • A metronome is used in many of the exercises in BrainWare SAFARI.  In addition to developing the player’s rhythm and timing by working in Rhythm Ribbet early on, there are a few other tips that may be helpful for your player to try.
    • Listen to the beat for a few moments before responding.
    • Count your “5 Clicks To The Beat” out loud as you go.
    • Have the coach tap the player on the shoulder or tap the desk to reinforce the beat.
    • The metronome sound can be changed by going to the Jungle Resort and clicking on the “Settings” sign.  From there you can select the metronome sound you like.  The default setting is the “woodblock” which has the lowest pitch and the “chirp” is the highest pitch.
    • Practice, practice, practice.  This is a challenging task for most people when they first attempt an exercise that’s using the metronome.  The player is actually developing their working memory and divided attention skills which is why this can be hard at first.  Encourage your player to do their best and work for 10 minutes in the exercise and then move on to a different exercise.  Eventually, they will be able to master the metronome and everything will just ‘click into place.’

Celebrate your player’s achievements in the program – it’s exciting when they pass a hard level!

Playing BrainWare SAFARI

Logging In

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  2. PC Users:  Double click on the BrainWare Safari 2.5 icon on your desktop (a white llama with a red saddle).


Macintosh Users:  From the “Go” menu, select the Applications folder and double-click on the BrainWare Safari 2.5 icon (a white llama with a red saddle).

  1. Enter the username and password you were provided at the time of purchase or in a separate e-mail.  If you do not know your user name or password, please contact Customer Service at:  877-BRAIN-10 or
  2. Press login.

NOTE: Vista users will have to allow the program to run when it is launched.

Choosing Your Safari Friend

The first time the player logs in, they will begin with choosing a Safari Friend, much like choosing a game piece for a board game.  As the player and their friend successfully complete various challenges, the Safari Friend matures in appearance to represent the growth in the player’s cognitive ability.

To Choose your Safari Friend:

  1. Click on the Safari Corral sign in the upper left corner of the Jungle Resort.
  2. Choose either one of the male characters:  Billy Bear or Moby Monkey or one of the female characters:  Patti Parrot or Jackie Jaguar.  Please note – Choose carefully because you can not change your selection once it is made.
  3. Choose “Back to Jungle Resort“, located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. Then go through the door to choose “Back to the Jungle“.
  5. After the first login, you will start the program directly from the Jungle.
  6. Select an exercise by clicking on one of the “hot spots” or icons that appear on the screen.
  7. All 20 exercise icons or hot spots can be highlighed by moving your mouse to the “eye” in the bottom navigation bar.

Playing the Exercises/Games

Each exercise begins by displaying a set of instructions.  It is important that the player read and understand the instructions in order to pass the exercise.

  • The Overview provides a general explaination of the exercise and how it may apply to life situations.
  • The Level Instructions provide the specific details and step by step instructions needed to pass that level.  These instructions will change with each new level of the exercise.
  • Speaker Icon:  If you click on the speaker icon, a voice (you can choose either a male or female voice in the Settings section of the Jungle Resort) will read the instructions out loud to the player.
  • Skills Icon:  The specific cognitive skills that are being developed in an exercise are detailed and put into context with life events.  Older players may find it encouraging to review this information when struggling with an exercise.  BrainWare SAFARI develops multiple skills at a time, which is how the brain learns them best.

The way to play any exercise involves a few simple steps and is always dependent on the specific instructions for that level of the exercise.

  1. Read or listen to the Level Instructions.
  2. Click OK when finished.
  3. Click Start Challenge to begin.
  4. Play the exercise according to the directions.
  5. Click Check Answer, if appropriate.  Some exercises automatically check your answer.  For these exercises, the Check Answer button is grayed out.
  6. Click Exit Exercise to return to the Jungle and choose another exercise to play.


Player Progress

The Safari Progress Board inside the Jungle Resort lists the overall total number of levels completed in BrainWare SAFARI and the number of levels that need to be passed before the player’s Safari Friend’s next growth spurt.

  1. Click on the Safari Progress Board to enlarge the chart and show the details of the number of levels passed in each exercise.
  2. A gold bar will highlight each level passed.
  3. This is also a great place to start each session and play your strategy for the day.  Choose the exercises with the fewest number of levels passed and start your session there.  You can always end your journey working in one of  your favorite exercises.

Exercise progress is sometimes shown in a scoreboard which can be found in the upper right corner of the screen.  These exercise scoreboards will show the number of wins and losses for the challenge set and will reset if the player has not passed the level.

Advancing through the Program

Level Completion:  The computer keeps track of each level a player completes.  Once a level of an exercise is passed, the next level is automatically presented to the player.  A player cannot go to a new level until the current level is passed.  However, a player may exit an exercise and go to any other exercise at any time.  When a player enters an exercise, they always begin at the level where they left off.

Challenge Sets:  Exercises that require 6 out of 10 or 7 out of 10 wins to pass are presented as a Challenge Set.  If the player makes the maximum number of unsuccessful challenge attempts (3 or 4, depending on whether 6 or 7 successful challenges are required), the current Challenge Set is discarded and a new Set at the same level is presented to the player.  When the player successfully completes a Challenge Set, the program will present a new Challenge Set at the next level.

Logic ExercisesLlama Logic and Ancient Logic and Reasoning are different from the other 18 exercises.  For these exercises, each level is essentially a separate question of roughly equivalent difficulty.  There are two attempts allowed in these multiple choice exercises.  After two failures at the same level, the correct answer is shown and the player moves on to the next level.  Unlike the other exercises which have 7 levels, the logic and reasoning exercises have 21 levels to complete.  These exercises are not timed so the player can study the challenge before selecting their answer.  Use these two exercises as a place to go after working in a very fast-paced, challenging exercise as a way to “catch your breath” before attempting another fast paced challenge.

Player Feedback   After each challenge is completed, the player receives a personal message that either congratulates them on successfully completing the challenge or encourages them to keep trying when they did not correctly complete the challenge.  When a level has been completed successfully, the player’s Safari Friend comes out to congratulate them.

Safari Friend Growth:  Progress through the program is demonstrated by the growth of the Safari Friend chosen by the player the first time that he or she logs in.  Each animal has six stages of growth from infant to adult. As the player completes levels, the animal grows.  Character growth levels correlate with the total number of levels completed, as described below.

Total Levels Completed/Character Growth
0-9 levels infant
10-29 levels skateboard
30-59 levels soccer or jump rope
60-99 levels school bus
100-149 levels graduation
150-158 levels off to work

When a player has completed all levels of an exercise, the player is rewarded with a display of fireworks. In Llama Logic and Ancient Logic and Reasoning, if the 21st level is not successfully completed, there will be no display of fireworks.

Changing Settings for the Player

The settings that can be changed include:  metronome sound, voice settings (male or female voice), passwords and Whispering Waterfall word list options.

To change the settings:

  1. Click on the Jungle Resort in the center of the main screen.
  2. Select the “Safari Settings” sign on the table in the center of the room.
  3. Choose the settings that you want to change.

These settings can be changed at any time, even after the player has already started using the program.

Passwords can be changed.  If you forget your password, please contact Customer Service at:  877-BRAIN-10 or

Practice Mode  

A player can practice each exercise level before scoring begins by clicking on practice mode to the right under the buttons at the top of the player screen.

Our recommendation is to use this feature with caution.

  • The player’s win will not be recorded when in practice mode.
  • The idea of skill development is that we learn when we work the hardest.  That means failure has to happen in order to correctly develop the network of skills.
  • Practice mode does not change anything about how the exercise progresses. It does not turn off timers, or relax the settings in any way.
  • Switching to practice mode is only available at the beginning of a level.
  • Not available in Jungle Labyrinth, Turtle Recall, Llama Logic and Ancient Logic and Reasoning.

Questions on your SAFARI? Let us guide you.