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“Exceptionally well written and thoroughly 'parent friendly' in organization and presentation, "Your Child Learns Differently, Now What?: The Truth for Parents" is an invaluably informative DIY guide for parents having to deal with children who are not succeeding as they should in elementary school, middle school, or high school curriculums. While unreservedly recommended for community library Parenting collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Your Child Learns Differently, Now What?: The Truth for Parents" is also readily available in a digital book format ”
Midwest Book Reviews
"As an educator, this book is an excellent resource containing a reservoir of useful information for parents, teachers and universities. During the pandemic, with students at home, many students fell behind, especially in math and reading. This book contains information to guide these students back to current academic standards. With teachers looking for resources to assist them lifting students academic achievement in math and reading, this is a great tool for them to have in their professional toolboxes. The authors of this book, Roger Stark and Betsy Hill, are top notch scholars of neuroscience and cognitive development. They have years of research and experiences that lend so much credibility to this important resource.

"I give this book my highest recommendation. Buy it for your teachers, give it to your parents, use it in higher education."
Dr JT Coopman, former Superintendent, Executive Director of Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents
“At last! A definitive guide for parents to understand and use cognitive skills training to level the playing field for their children who learn differently. In one easy to read book, expert authors Hill and Stark have wiped the slate clean and given parents a leg up they have so desperately been searching for.”
Charles sosnik, education analyst and featured columnist
“I have seen happy children reach their full potential no matter what their learning difficulties. I offer my congratulations to Stark and Hill for tackling such a difficult issue in this book and for what they have done for children everywhere.”
Dr. Patricia Wolfe, Author of Brain Matters
"What an incredible book! Parents, grandparents, and guardians find it valuable. Not only does it go into detail of what cognitive skills are, it explains that they are the foundation for all learning and why it's so important that we help our children develop these skills. It's an easy read and the personal stories make it easy for parents understand why their child might be struggling and then provide the book provides the solution of how to help them.”
Dr. lou Whitaker, Retired associate superintendent, Principal and teacher
“Roger Stark and Betsy Hill’s new book Your Child Learns Differently, Now What? gets at the real juggernaut in American education around success for all in our K-12 education system. The authors clearly identify and provide interventions for the critical mental processes called cognitive skills, the basis of how our brain learns, a topic too little discussed in teacher preparation programs. “If your child is struggling in school, especially at the elementary grades, you want to devour the knowledge and skills Stark and Hill have presented.”
Dr. Kenneth Eastwood, former Superintendent for the Middletown City School District in New York
“A light for caregivers that are willing to help their loved ones shine in school and life. Read and succeed!”
John Axtell, Homeschooler, Special Education Mentor and Advocate, School Board Member
"Once I started reading Your Child Learns Differently, Now What? I did not put the book down aside from driving home from work and dinner with my family.  I found this a very easy, clear book to read.  Betsy and Roger have a simple 5-step plan for parents/teachers/administration to support students being better learners. The process is easy enough for anyone to follow and execute. Everyone can learn better and be a better student.  It happens for us with our students, in an average small town, with kids of all backgrounds and demographics, and over the process the students stop being tardy, they are more organized, and the discipline and poor choices dissolve."
Gregg Goewert, EdS, Principal, Urey Middle School, Walkerton, Indiana
"The Roger Stark and Betsy Hill book illuminates the pathway by which children's learning can be liberated. Liberated. What does that mean? Articulating connections between foundational cognitive skills, core and higher order executive functions provides critical solutions to amplify complex cognitive learning skills. These solutions liberate a child's potential and provide a powerful launching pad for learning momentum. Amplified accumulation of knowledge, skills and application serves in a continuing "flywheel" effect that makes possible a broad array of preferable options in a child's subsequent learning and living experiences."
Lindan Hill, PhD, Asst Director, Center for Vibrant Schools, Indianapolis, Indiana
"This book is truly a contribution to us all! It guides the reader through a learning process of how to understand and work with unique learning styles. It leaves one so hopeful for helping children at all stages of the learning process. I especially valued the approach to parents ( I will purchase books for both my adult kids who have children). It addresses their pain, pressures, strengths and appeals to their commitment to 'take the wheel' and use the mindset and practical skills described and validated with such impactful statistics and facts. This book is filled with real stories, real pain, real solutions."
Kathy Leck, Executive Coach, Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
"As a middle school principal, I often look for ways for my teachers to change and modify their practices or for a new curricular tool to help make data more actionable, but never had I considered the possibility of a tool designed to help the students instead. BrainWare came to my school back in 2019 and I was hopefully optimistic. I had tried other programs and it always seemed they would overpromise and underdeliver with regard to meaningful impact on student success. Within the first 5 months of implementation, it was easy to see something was different about BrainWare. Throughout the past 4 years of using and implementing BrainWare in my school, I have learned so much about the “why” of student struggles as well as ways to overcome the educational hurdles that may pop up. "If students are academically behind when they get to middle school, there are likely barriers that exist in their cognitive processes. And despite all the best intentions, until you are able to help them overcome and learn new strategies, you will continue to watch those same issues keep them from the success they desire and deserve. 'Your Child Learns Differently' walks through the what, why and how of student struggles and gives you the tools to overcome before the gap becomes too large to close. "
Tom Hughes, Principal, Maple Crest STEM Middle School, Kokomo, Indiana
"I am so glad that Betsy and Roger have shared their knowledge and expertise in this area. The parent testimonials are very moving and help what they are teaching have more impact."
Dr. Laurie S. Lipman, Psychiatrist affiliated with Northwestern Medicine-Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
"I really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written, very informative, impactful and inspiring. It is a valuable resource that will enhance parents' ability to build their children's learning ability so that learning becomes engaging, fun, and intellectually liberating."
Donald Newman, cEO, CRG Capital, parent
"The book offers an important perspective for educators seeking to deepen their understanding of how students learn and the science behind it. While many university programs do a great job of preparing the next generation of teachers, there is an inconsistent delivery of the Science of Learning. This book will help to empower teachers to reach more students and help them achieve on a "more consistent basis.:
Josh Wenning, Executive Director, Region 8 Education Service Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana
"Roger and Betsy bring hope to those in the desert of learning distress through this thought-provoking read! Everyone can truly be the CEO of You. The keys to unlock this hope are within."
Mark Bowell, Parent, School Board Member, President of the Institute for Learning Dynamics
“Working with BrainWare helped our school district rise from the bottom 10% in the state to the seventh highest performing district. This book will help parents use the same approach with their own children.”
Curtis Boehmer, speech pathologist, Huron Intermediate School District, Harbor Beach Schools, Michigan
“What I have seen with my own son is the resilience and the growth mindset that came from understanding where he is strong and the excitement of reaching new levels and improving his cognitive skills. And that was even before the research that I conducted for my doctoral dissertation. Just like a tiny flame brightens a dark room, the concise book that Roger and Betsy have written unravels the confusion about the science of learning and enlightens each parent with the impact of cognitive training on their child’s growth and ability to overcome challenges.”
Dr. Sarah Avtzon, Chair of Daemen University’s Brooklyn Branch Campus Graduate Programs in Special Education
"An excellent book for professionals and parents to understand the root causes of learning difficulties. Tutoring and compensatory strategies are outdated methods that can actually prevent your child from making progress. Without the right kind of help students fall further and further behind, never catching up to their peers. Research has proven that developing cognitive skills increases the ability to learn independently. Intact cognitive processing skills are imperative for your child’s future independence and financial success. Buy this book, you won’t be sorry! There is a way out and 'trying harder' is not the answer."
Linda Karanzalis, Author of Misnamed, Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood: Recognizing and Coping with NVLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder) from Childhood Through Adulthood
"There were two huge takeaways for me from this book. One is the difference between the old way and the new way. As educators, many times we are so stuck in the “old way” -- accommodations, modifications, and compensatory strategies – that we too often forget to look beyond that and focus on how to move our students forward when they are struggling. "My other big takeaway was Parent Key #11. The Parent Keys highlight key points for parents and Parent Key #11 talks about labels. In special education, we continue to categorize or label our students (this of course is part of federal law), but labels don’t tell us how to teach or deliver the individual instruction that is needed for learning to occur. We need to look deeper! "Those were the two big takeaways where I folded pages in the book and have gone back and reread them multiple times and written myself notes to further my own thinking. "The book is a very easy read and the 21 parent keys and the cognitive skills listed in the appendix is a great resource. This resource provides concise information that parents can easily be share and discuss with their child’s teacher. "The message that comes through loud and clear in the book is that, when your child has been identified for special education services, diagnosed by an outside provider or physician or has learning struggles, there are answers. The book really empowers parents. "I hope that Roger and Betsy will write another version of the book specifically for educators. The stories and scenarios are very motivating."
Phyllis Wolfram, Executive Director, Council of Administrators of Special Education
"As an administrator, parent and educational professional reading "Your Child Learns Differently, Now What?", the work of Roger Stark and Betty Hill was delightful! The strategic design used to make this a "guide” sets the foundation for it to be a staple in education settings that support the WHOLE CHILD. The parent in me is very thankful to see it in print. The educational professional in me values the work they set out to complete and applaud the insight and perspective they brought to life in this book. In this read, you will uncover the realities of education that is rooted in parental figures and their input into children's paths. Their choice to identify what cognitive skills are and to define how impactful understanding their(cog skills) value is to making a difference is what they are exposing to allow progress to occur differently. Now is the time to embrace this message, and internalize how it makes a difference. This book is impactful, and should be seen as a keeper."
T.L. Chambers, PhD, VP, NWEA Partner Accounts
'Your Child Learns Differently, Now What? provides parents with an new perspective on how their child's brain actually processes the information it receives. The Parent Keys are powerful and based on evidence from years of experience. Timely, helpful information based on data gathered using cognitive testing and understanding how individual brains have different strengths and weakness. I have been involved with many of the studies that are used in the evidence of this book. The knowledge learned over the years is well stated and beneficial to all those struggling with understanding "what is wrong with my child why can't she understand things".'
Sara Sawtelle, PhD, Science Teacher and Researcher
"The statistics coming out of our education system regarding children’s developmental status is staggering. In some high schools, the graduating class can’t even read at the 3rd grade level. BrainWare is an outstanding solution to many of the school’s problems with children’s cognitive ability. We have been familiar with the work that Roger Stark and Betsy Hill have been doing in this area for many years. The results they have achieved in schools that have used their program have been amazing. We feel that this should be a fundamental requirement for all schools. Our grandchild was struggling with a learning disability and this program has been a game changer for him. I highly for highly recommend this for all children. A much needed and amazing book on child development."
Missy and Bill Erickson
"Outstanding! We have 4 children that range from genius to special needs. It's refreshing to read a book that not only understands one size does not fit all with regards to teaching but breaks down the science of learning and how we can apply this to our children's education.
Craig Haggard
"Sometimes, rethinking ways to educate our children can seem like attempting to reinvent the wheel - how different can this new idea really be? To my surprise, Roger and Betsy hit home in addressing many of the underlying issues that no one seems to be paying attention to. Even if your child is a strong learner in the old fashioned ways, this book can provide many insights into enhancing existing strengths as well as growing new strengths. Secondly, this book can help parents grow a rich connection with their child in their learning and development. That is something that is important to have in a parent-child relationship. Outstanding book - highly reccomend!"
Max Roberts
"As a child and youth services manager at a women’s and children shelter this book has not only helped me but also the mothers at the shelter. I highly recommend it to everyone!"
"This book definitely helped me understand that every child learns differently. It is easy to comprehend and is a great read for parents and teachers to understand the root causes of learning difficulties. It helps you understand how your child’s brain learns best. I highly recommend this book!"
"An important topic for our time, written for laypeople and professionals alike. This book lays out the easy to digest fashion the issues surrounding our kids, their learning path, and the the ways parents can enhance their child's performance during those critical learning years. I found so much good information that I can put to use immediately. Thank you Roger and Betsy!"
John Sadowy, Jr
"This book is so important for parents with children that have learning disabilities. It helps improve your child’s cognitive learning skills. Parents have expectations, not necessarily in alignment with the child's development and capabilities. This book shows you the way. I highly recommend this book."
W Mogel
"WOW! I wish that I had this book when my kids were younger. My adult son has always struggled academically. This book really sheds a light on how children learn differently. It's like each individual has a different DNA or metabolism, each individual comprehends information intake differently."
Kevin K

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